Discover how efficient you can be with the right CRM features

Take your workflows up a notch with CRM features that help you automate repetitive work, centralize customer communication, and organize your data in one place.

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Get closer to your customers

Easily centralize and track communication with your customers
Centralize track communication

Email sync

Fully sync your Gmail/Outlook to send & receive emails, or automatically log your sent emails all within

Email tracking

Get notified automatically when a lead opens or replies to an email, so that you can follow up at the right time.

Email templates

Save time by sending personalized email templates that autofill based on contacts’ information.

Activity management

Log any lead or contact-related activity like calls, meetings, notes, and more to always know where communication stands.

Performance tracking made easy

Keep track of your pipelines, targets, and team performance
Keep track of your pipeline


Access advanced CRM software features that increase visibility such as custom dashboards that instantly report your deal progress, sales figures, and team performance.

Sales forecasting

Set the deal value and close probability, then leverage reports to track forecast vs. actual sales, and drill down forecast by month, sales rep, and more.

Activity tracking

Access all your team’s activities, like calls and meetings, in one place to track their performance, understand their capacity, and plan ahead.

Team goals

Manage your team’s quota attainment over time, track wins and view goals for specific members or the entire team.

Organize your data in one place like a pro

Seamlessly connect all your new and existing data in one place
Organize data in one place

Import your data

Bring over all your existing leads, contacts, and accounts from Excel or through an API directly into monday to boost your CRM functionality.

Merge duplicate data

Receive alerts when you enter a duplicate lead or account, and eliminate overlaps by identifying and merging duplicate leads and contacts.

Lead capturing

Capture leads by integrating with your existing tools, by adding a form to your website, or simply by adding them manually when you reach out.

Win back time with no-code automations

Use or create your own automations to do the manual work that steals selling time
Automations CRM

Manage your entire sales pipeline
without switching tabs

integrations CRM

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