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Does transparency matter? our customers say “yes”

Laura Binder 1 min read
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Does transparency in business really matter? According to a recent poll we conducted, the answer is resoundingly yes. We surveyed a bunch of customers to hear their thoughts on productivity, happiness, and everything in between, and we were wowed by the results.

Here are some of the numbers:

100% think transparency in the workplace increases employee engagement.

93.5% think makes their workplace more transparent.

54.8% think has reduced office politics in their workplace by over 40%.

Over 90% think that transparency in the workplace increases their happiness by over 40%.

And what of the features they find most helpful?

45.2% think rows increase their productivity the most.

35.5% think boards increase their productivity the most.

9.7% think the timeline increases their productivity the most.

Our overarching mission here at is help teams build a culture of transparency, so this is very cool feedback to receive. When everyone’s on the same page, you can eliminate office politics, boost motivation, reduce management energy, share responsibility, and get better results. Thanks to all those who participated in this survey!

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