More businesses than ever before are transitioning to a remote work environment due to the spread of COVID-19. Getting teams to work together virtually can be seamless and easy using! In this webinar, we covered:


  • Best practices and building boards for your remote teams. For daily communication and resource sharing on a team and company level we show you how to build boards to help your team thrive from remote.
  • “Must have” boards for remote teams: internal knowledgebase, daily communication, onboarding new team members, company announcements, meeting summaries and more.
  • Our new Zoom integration. As soon as you start a zoom meeting, an item is created which will be populated with call details once the call has ended. We review how the integration looks, and how to best utilize it to manage your meetings
  • Utilizing forms for Ops and IT teams. Share monday forms with your company to organize and structure requests so your Ops and IT teams can manage expectations and avoid burnout.
  • New OOO feature! We have updated our platform for remote teams by allowing anyone to define their work status— OOO, Working from Home, In the Office, or PTO.

Watch the full recording here!

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