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9 templates to help your team return to work after COVID-19

9 templates to help your team return to work after COVID-19

Eliana Atia

For almost every shift that organizations, teams, and offices made since the COVID-19 pandemic – from transitioning to WFH or implementing social distancing policies within an office, there is really no precedent for how to effectively and efficiently make these transitions.

First thing’s first: before you can even begin to transition back to the office, your organization must follow the governmental instructions and restrictions in your home country.  Knowing the right time to transition back is a company-specific decision – but even before you make that decision, a little planning can go a long way.

In an effort to make these difficult times more manageable, we’ve put together nine templates that can help you plan an organized transition back to the office.

Employee willingness survey

Before you can confidently move forward with any return plan, it’s crucial to understand how employees feel about transitioning back. This anonymous Employee willingness survey will help you get a sense for how your team feels about returning to the office, the things they would need in order to make that transition happen, and ways that your organization can help make that transition a better one.

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COVID back to work strategy 2020 

Once you’ve understood how your team feels about returning to the office and ways you can make that move easier for them, it’s time to outline your strategy. This COVID Back to work strategy template will help you lay out all of the necessary steps to return to the office, assign ownership for who should do what, and set reasonable deadlines so you can stay on track.

Get the COVID back to work strategy 2020 template now!

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Reopening plan

Whether you plan to open in a week, a month, or the status is still unclear—this template will help you outline clear steps for reopening. With task dependencies, you’ll be notified when something is “Done” so you can move on to the next step.

Get the Reopening plan template now!

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Social distancing employee office registration

Allow employees to register themselves to come to the office. Organize by team and automatically keep count of how many people have signed up to ensure it does not exceed the threshold. Filter by day or employee to see who will be in the office on which days so you can coordinate meetings and organize your office schedule so it makes the most sense for you.

Get the Social distancing employee office registration template now!
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Office shifts

Once you’ve opened the doors to the office, it’s important to monitor who is coming and when to ensure there is enough space to practice social distancing measures. Ensure everyone on the team is clear on when they should be in the office. Plan per team member, department, and specific requests. Using automations, they will be sent their schedule one day before the beginning of the week. Use Charts to quickly see that your office schedule never exceeds the capacity and quickly make adjustments where necessary.

Get the Office shifts template now!
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Social distancing weekly schedule

Social distancing weekly schedule is another way to organize the flow of employees in and out of the office to enforce social distancing practices. With statuses to represent each day of the week and items for each employee, you can see who will be in on which days at a glance. The ‘Weekly office days’ will automatically update with the number of days each employee is scheduled to plan for a distributed schedule. 

Get the Social distancing weekly schedule template now!

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Lunch shifts

Getting back to the office, everyone will be excited to finally sit together over lunch. To make sure everyone can enjoy their time together while staying safe, this Lunch shifts template makes it easy to organize shifts for who plans to be in the lunch area and when in order to keep the process clear and simple.

Get the Lunch shifts template now!

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Office inventory requests

New supplies might be necessary for going back to the office that were not commonplace before, such as hand sanitizer, tissues, masks, or anything else that may make returning colleagues feel more comfortable. This Office inventory request template provides a clear place for team members to submit requests and track their progress. From date requested, to team responsible for executing, to notification upon completion, you can manage any and all office requests!

Get the Office inventory requests template now!
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Customer survey

Getting your office and team prepared is not the only thing involved in getting back to work. Understanding how your customers are feeling is a must in order to comfortably and confidently navigate the next few months. This Customer survey will help you understand your customers’ preferences on social distancing, ways they would like to reduce crowding, what safety precautions are important to them, andother crucial questions to help you give the best service to your customers.

Get the Customer survey template now!
Watch a 2-minute video about the Customer survey template!

Having little comparable experience and knowledge on how to move forward has left many teams feeling a bit lost. But by checking in with those around you, staying mindful of health and safety regulations, and continuing to be organized and transparent in team communication we can all begin to rebuild together.

Eliana Atia
Eliana is a marketer and storyteller who uses her diverse industry experience to create compelling content. A Texas native and current Telavivian, she’s finding her place somewhere between BBQ tacos and falafel pitas.
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