Eran Zinman, our Co-Founder & CTO, shared some advice at this year’s Remote Aid conference to help steer your teams through the COVID-19 crisis and come out ahead.

Eran focused on three pillars:

  1. Sense of stability: Clear communication across all channels is integral to align employees, customers and partners. Leaders need to balance this communication  while paying close attention to the changing market dynamics. At, we made sure to send letters to our employees and customers with full transparency about our current situation which included details about our financials, goals, and overall stability
  2. Sense of purpose: We shifted our perspective about the crisis and saw it as an opportunity. We shifted all of our focus to WFH, and helped customers use the platform for new Covid-19/WFH needs. Additionally, Our R&D teams worked overtime to build and test the monday Apps framework, and were incredibly productive during our remote hackathon. They built 20 apps in 48 hours!
  3. Sense of belonging: Employees want to feel like there is still a company culture regardless of where they’re working from. At, we sent packages to our employees’ homes, each with its own theme, and offered online yoga lessons and art classes for kids to make sure we feel together even when apart.

For companies, we’ve all had to adapt and navigate our teams through challenging business and personal times and will continue to do so going forward.

See Eran’s full presentation below!