Working from home is popular. Maybe it’s here to stay? 

69% enjoy working from home more than they expected to

54% say they’re more productive at home than in the office

17% work with a pet or child in their lap

30% describe remote work as reflective…

 … while 23% describe it as surprising.

Communication has improved:

21% said their team communicates more 

19% said “I’m more communicative”

We’re home, but we’re not slacking off

50% miss work-life separation, and 27% miss having specific working hours

29% are working more at night

31% are working more in the early morning

49% spend more time at their computer

But people still miss the office

44% miss their coworkers

21% miss lunch breaks outside 

We’re sleepy

52% wake up later because they don’t have to commute

37% wear pajamas during the day

Our personal lives are changing too

42% call friends/family more

28% eat meals that are healthier 

17% shower less