Whether you’re traveling for business, planning a big event, or simply trying to stick to a daily schedule, a detailed itinerary can help. While typing up an entire itinerary is a time-consuming task, itinerary templates make the job a lot easier. Templates also let you do some of the work once and use it again later when you’re creating similar itineraries.

This article provides an overview of itinerary templates and how these user-friendly documents can help streamline your scheduling process. Whether you want to create detailed business trip itineraries or simple budgets, monday.com templates help you save time and increase productivity.

What is an itinerary template?

An itinerary template is a customizable document that lets people organize schedule details in a convenient, user-friendly fashion. Itineraries are used for business and personal travel, conferences, events, and daily schedules. While the content of an itinerary can vary depending on the specific event, most itineraries list times, dates, locations, and activities.

An itinerary template is pre-formatted with headings and graphics that are easily customizable. Users fill in pertinent data such as flight times, hotel addresses, transportation information, and event details. Data is saved within the template, which users can print out or access via a laptop or mobile device for quick, convenient viewing.

We’ll look at some specific examples of itinerary templates in a moment to better understand how you might customize this tool to meet unique needs. But before that, let’s look at some benefits of itinerary templates.

Why use an itinerary template?

An itinerary template helps streamline the process of creating detailed schedules. The templates are pre-formatted, which saves time, and using an itinerary template ensures all information is accessible via a single document. For example, someone planning a business trip can use an itinerary template to input travel, lodging, and transportation details into a single document. The completed template is saved in Google Sheets, Outlook, or another program. When your employee heads out on their business trip, they can easily access their itinerary to verify details in one simple step.

What are some examples of itinerary templates?

Some examples of itinerary templates include business trip itinerary templates, flight itinerary templates, and vacation itinerary templates. monday.com’s itinerary template options are customizable, so you can tailor them to the specific times, dates and details of your schedule.

Business trip itinerary template

Business trip itinerary templates let people input information such as travel dates, flight times, airport and lodging locations, and transportation details. These templates also provide pre-formatted fields for users to add times and locations for business meetings and planned events. Business trip itineraries are especially helpful for employees and clients traveling in unfamiliar cities, states, and countries.

Flight itinerary template

Flight itinerary templates are pre-formatted with sections to input passenger names, flight dates, flight times, flight numbers, and gate numbers. These itineraries might also include meal preferences when applicable, along with connecting flight and ground transportation information. Flight itinerary templates are helpful tools for business trips, vacations, and personal travel.

Vacation itinerary template

Vacation itinerary templates let you input every detail of your upcoming vacation in chronological order, starting with travel dates and flight information. Vacation itinerary templates provide pre-formatted sections for hotel and lodging, transportation, and activities and events. A vacation itinerary helps travelers stay on schedule with planned activities, and it serves as a reliable point-to-point guide.

monday.com’s itinerary template

Whether you manage a team of professionals or run a small business from home, our itinerary template is designed to help you streamline your scheduling process. All of monday.com’s templates are customizable and easy to integrate into Google Sheets for enhanced flexibility. Pull in outside information for an itinerary or enter it right from monday.com Work OS — you can view it again later in a variety of formats or share it with others as needed.

Knowing where you’re going and what you have to do there is sometimes half the battle of travel or attending an event. But a few other tools can be equally as valuable as itinerary templates in keeping you organized. Check out some more templates below that pair well with itinerary tools.

Related templates to itinerary templates

Related templates that sometimes serve as supplemental documents to itinerary templates include expense report templates, conference agenda templates, and vacation planning templates. Similar to itinerary templates, these related templates help users create precise, documents. Here’s a rundown on how these templates can help organize your schedules and track your expenses.

Expense report template

An expense report template is a pre-formatted spreadsheet that lets you input your business or personal expenses. While specific details can vary, expense report templates typically include sections for payment dates, amounts paid, subtotals, and payment methods. Often used in conjunction with budget templates, expense report templates let employers and individuals create and maintain easily-accessible, accurate financial records.

Conference agenda template

Conference agenda templates let users input dates, times, locations, and event details for business conferences. These templates are often used hand-in-hand with business trip itinerary templates to help ensure employees and clients adhere to daily schedules. Specific template designs and graphics can vary, but most conference agenda templates feature pre-formatted sections that include opening ceremony details, public speaker details, meal break details and times, and activity details.

Vacation planning template

Vacation planning templates are often used with vacation itinerary templates. A vacation planning template generally includes pre-formatted sections and columns designated for budgeting, along with headers for travel dates, locations, and activities. Some vacation planning templates include separate sections for vacation itineraries, so users have access to every detail in a single document.

FAQs about itineraries

When do you need an itinerary?

Itineraries are a necessary tool for mapping out travel details and daily schedules throughout the course of a business trip or vacation. For business owners, travel itineraries help ensure that employees manage their time and expenditures during business trips, and an itinerary provides specifics documentation of all travel points.

If you plan to obtain or renew a passport for international travel, proof of your upcoming trip in the form of a flight receipt or itinerary is an application requirement. In addition to travel, itineraries are helpful for business meetings and seminars, as they list the daily schedules and activities in chronological order with dates, times, and locations.

What are the basic elements of an itinerary?

The basic elements of a travel itinerary include transportation details, hotel and lodging information, and daily scheduling details. While itinerary information can vary depending on the specific details of the trip, transportation information generally includes flight times, flight durations, and ground transportation details such as car rentals, airport shuttles, and/or car service.

Hotel and lodging information typically includes hotel names and locations and check-in/check-out times, and daily scheduling information lists the dates and times of scheduled meetings and events for the duration of the trip. The basic elements of a non-travel itinerary for meetings and events are date, time and location, and a breakdown of the overall schedule.

How do you create an itinerary?

The main objective of creating an itinerary is to compose a precise schedule of forthcoming events, whether it’s for personal or business travel, business conferences, or short meetings. While the old-fashioned way to create an itinerary consists of typing or hand writing a chronological list of times, dates, locations, and other pertinent information, itinerary templates from monday.com simplify this process.

An itinerary template lets you input dates, locations, events, and specific details in an efficient form before generating easy-to read documents or charts that are accessible via a laptop or mobile device. Once you input the information into the template, you can also email copies to recipients or share them with other via monday.com Work OS so everyone is on the same page.

What is an example of an itinerary?

Types of itineraries include business travel itineraries, meeting itineraries, flight itineraries, business conference agenda itineraries, and vacation itineraries. Here is an example of a business travel itinerary:

  • Start date: 1/1/2022
  • End date: 1/3/2022
  • Full Name: Doug Jones
  • Purpose of Travel : Business
  • Departing Flight: 1/1/2022| Depart Time: 6:00 AM PST | Airline:  ABC Air | Flight # 123
  • Departure: Los Angeles, CA | Gate: B12
  • Destination: Minneapolis, MN | Arrival: 12:30 PM CST
  • Transportation: Airport Shuttle |Pickup Time 1:15 PM CST| Pickup Location: MSP
  • Drop off location: ACME Hotel, 12345 1st St. Minneapolis, MN
  • Activities: 1/2/2022 – Business Convention 12 PM – 4 PM |Location: ACME Hotel, Ballroom, 12345 1st St. Minneapolis, MN
  • Returning Flight: 1/3/2022| Depart Time: 6:00 AM PST | Airline:  ABC Air | Flight # 345
  • Departure: Minneapolis, MN | Gate: B13
  • Destination: Los Angeles, CA | Arrival: 9:30 AM PST

Simplified scheduling with monday.com’s itinerary template

An itinerary provides clear details of events to help you set your schedule and stay on track. Our itinerary templates help streamline the process and allow instant access to your itinerary at all times. Whether you’re looking to create basic travel schedules for employee business trips or planning a personal vacation, monday.com offers a wide range of itinerary template options to suit your needs.