This has been an eventful few weeks for the product teams, with the new Microsoft Teams integration and the launch of monday Apps, we’ve been making some pretty giant moves to make even more flexible and collaborative for teams. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been making our weekly improvements as well!

Check out the updates you and your team can start using today!

  • Overview widget for progress column
    The overview widget now reflects updates to the progress column and the status column, giving you a holistic view of your progress.
  • Direct messages in Slack!
    We’ve added six new automations that send Slack messages to individuals trigged within
  • Scroll to item indicator
    You can now easily navigate to an open item.
  • Mark all notifications as read
    Declutter your notifications by marking all as “Read’ with one click!
  • Pivot board enhancements
    Pivot tables will now be grouped by column name by default, month columns are sorted in order, and we’ve added the support for dashboards!
  • Saleforce integration update
    We’ve added lookup field support for standard and custom fields.

Overview widget for progress column

Your progress when moving through a project can be reflected in a lot of ways, and now your overview widget reflects those too! You can get an overview of the complete progress of your projects easily with the overview progress column which pulls from the status and progress columns.

Direct messages in Slack!

If a monday notification isn’t enough to keep your teammates in the know, a little extra reminder never hurt! You can now automate personal Slack messages triggered by actions in monday, so you can make sure everyone knows when their input is needed. Check out the six new recipes that make this possible!

Scroll to item indicator

Let’s say your working on a big, organization-wide initiative. Your board has tons of groups, project owners, and items which are making it all happen. You open an item to catch up on what’s going on, keep scrolling through the page, and have lost the actual item within the board forever. Well, not anymore. Now, if you have an item open on the right panel, you can easily scroll back to that item from anywhere in the board. See for yourself:

Mark all notifications as read

You can expect a few more improvements on notifications coming your way, but to get started you can now mark all of your notifications as read with one (…ok two) clicks! Just go to your notifications, click the three dots, and mark as read!

Pivot board enhancements

We first introduced the ability to create pivot tables in through the Board Pivot app, created using monday Apps during our internal hackathon. It was an amazing app that our monday builders created in just two days, and now we’re working to make it even better! You can now group based on column name (which means no duplicate column categories)

months are in chronological order

 and you can create a pivot table using data from multiple boards!

Saleforce integration update

If you use to manage your sales ops, prospects, leads, and all things sales, you probably rely on Salesforce to keep track of it all. Well now, both standard and custom lookup fields can be mapped to monday columns. That means it’s even easier to bring your information (Salesforce) into your daily workflow ( and make sure you’re always on top of every prospect from call to close.

We love this whole, we tell you what’s new in thing. But we also want to hear from you! With the launch on monday Apps, it’s now up to all of you to decide what widget, automation, integration or view you would love to see in and, with a little dev resources, it can become a reality! Share with us your dream app ideas here and we’ll donate $100 to an NGO empowering people of color in tech.