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Updated updates, video previews for video files, and more!

Adi Pick

This week in 1892, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” was first published! They sure grow up fast, don’t they? So, this week we bring to you “The Adventures of’s incredible R&D team” in the form of their latest features.

Check ‘em out!

  • Video preview for video files

From now on you’ll show an actual video preview in the file column!

  • Updated updates

You can now copy images from slack, or any other source and paste it into your update.

  • Easier installation of apps

Now the installation page opens in the same window as the marketplace.

Video preview for files

Until now, when clicking on a video file from the file column, a really big icon was displayed with the file’s extension, where you’d have to download and watch the video files on your computer. But no more! From now on, an actual video preview will be shown instead! See below:

Updated updates

Didn’t you hate it when you used to write updates, filled with cool things like line breaks or lists, but when you saved the changes things got shifted? Well, that ends today!

Now, the end result will look exactly the same as your brilliant edits.

Here is an example:

Edit mode

Display mode

If that wasn’t enough excitement, you can now also copy images from Slack, or any other source, and paste it directly into your update!

Easier installation of apps in marketplace

Our marketplace is a great place for users to explore and install some apps to improve their work, albeit it is still in beta. Until now, when you clicked on the install button, a new window opened where the user needed to approve or deny the installation of an app, and you needed to manually close the window.

Now, the installation page opens in the same window as the marketplace! Pretty cool, huh?

Still have other features, views, or integrations you’d love our spectacular team of wizards (developers) to deploy? Let us know in the community!

Adi Pick
Raised in Vancouver, Adi can now be found in sunny Tel Aviv trying to find the best slice of pizza on this side of the Mediterranean while trying to maintain the stereotype of Canadian politeness, eh?
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