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New search capabilities, improved UI, API updates, and more!

Adi Pick

With millions of kids packing up their Labor Day whites to return to classrooms this week, both in-person and virtually, our R&D team was hard at work trying to make work-life just a little easier. Hopefully, the amazing updates they came up with this week will keep you from wishing we wake you up when September ends.

Check out what they’ve been producing for ya!

  • Search for integrations and automations

You can now search for your favorite integrations and automations easily!

  • New UI for column store

The featured column’s suggestions will soon become more personalized!

  • Support deleting updates in API V2

Remove updates more easily.


Search for integrations and automations

Ever wanted to search for your favorite integration or automations to find it in seconds? Well, today is your lucky day! You can now search for your favorite integrations and automations easily. Here are some more ways your dreams can come true:

  • Looking for an automation that supports subitems? You now have the ability just search for “subitem” in the store search bar
  • You can now search for an app name, and your search results will show you all the recipe options for that specific app
  • Searching for common keywords relevant to each app now will show you all the relevant apps, as well as all the recipe options for those apps. This feature actually existed in the past, but we brought it back by popular demand! And also revamped it with new keywords, for your convenience and viewing pleasure.

Column store new User Interface

Our beautiful column store got a facelift just in time for fall. This upgrade is part of a bigger mission of creating more dynamic columns’ suggestions, but we’ll keep you in suspense with the details—coming soon to a board near you.

Support deleting updates in API 

We added a mutation to help you delete boards and updates easier. This was available on the first version of our API, and now we added it to the second!

Don’t know what our API is? Here is a brief introduction: the API supports read and write (mutating) access to boards, items, and more. It gives you the ability to view and use any data you have inside outside of the platform, or trigger actions in response to a change in an external software or service.

I know what you’re thinking — our product and blog can’t get much better, surely we reached our limit. Well, we believe in no limits, when it comes to certain things anyways, and want to invite you to hear Leslie Odom Jr. sing and Earvin “Magic” Johnson speak at our Elevate No Limits conference next week! C’mon, signup to be in the Zoom room where it happens!

Adi Pick
Raised in Vancouver, Adi can now be found in sunny Tel Aviv trying to find the best slice of pizza on this side of the Mediterranean while trying to maintain the stereotype of Canadian politeness, eh?
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