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Product updates

Rich avatar cards, benchmark lines in charts, rollup charts, and more!

Eliana Atia 4 min read
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We may be going on week…who knows of working from home, but that hasn’t stopped our R&D team from putting out feature updates to make better than ever. This week we’ve got updates that will keep your workflows in context, help you make real impact, and impress your boss— even from home.

So let’s see what goodies we have this week:

  • Cumulative Charts & Benchmark Line
    This is the big picture you’ve been dreaming of. You can now see all of your charts in context by seeing a chart’s progress over time and easily comparing it against your goals or benchmarks.
  • Rich avatar card
    Speaking of context… these new rich avatar cards let you hover over anyone’s photo in and easily see their name, position, and how to contact them.
  • Duplicating parent item with their subitems
    Now, when you duplicate any item it’s subitems will be duplicated with it! That means you will always know all the parts that make up your projects.
  • Rollup support on charts
    You can now include mirrored information from multiple boards in chart view! So you can rest assured you’re always looking at all of the relevant info.
  • Location column now supported in forms!
    We may not be going anywhere anytime soon, but we can dream! Locations columns are now supported in forms view which means you can gather the information you need even faster.
  • Working status added to profile menu
    Letting your team members know your working status is now even easier! Let people know if your WFH, OOO, or in Focus Mode straight from your profile menu.

Cumulative Charts & Benchmark Line

We’re all about context here at Goals and feedback don’t mean much without a big picture view. Now, with cumulative charts you can see your data in the context of previous weeks/months/quarters to understand how you are performing in comparison. And with clear benchmark lines you can always understand where you are in terms of your goals.

Rich avatar card

Want to continue the conversation with someone who just assigned you a task? Do you, like us, have 12 people named Daniel working in your company? Worry not! These new rich avatar cards let you understand exactly who you are talking to and how to reach them by simply hovering over their image within a monday board.

Duplicating parent item with their subitems

Creating repeatable processes have never looked so good—you can now duplicate any item and its subitems come along with it! That means information always exists in its entirety and fully in context.

Rollup support on charts

Trying to get a big picture view is pretty much impossible when flipping through different boards, charts, and graphs. That’s why we’ve now made it possible to see linked and mirrored info in chart view! Not totally grasping the impact of this yet? Here’s a video of my friend Ben explaining why this is so awesome:


Location column now supported in forms!

Now you can gather all of the information you need through forms! Select from a dropdown of location options, easily search for the location you are looking for, or fill in a free-response if your location isn’t listed. Your data will always be spot on with location support!

Working status added to profile menu

Especially when working from home, being transparent about your work status is a must to set expectations and communicate openly with your team. We’ve added even more working status options and made it easier than ever to update your status.

Working from home tends to shed light on pain points that exist no matter what—things like miscommunication, unsynced initiatives and double work. Making sure your work is always in context and shared across the team is the fastest way to make sure you skip all that and do your best work.

Eliana is a marketer and storyteller who uses her diverse industry experience to create compelling content. A Texas native and current Telavivian, she’s finding her place somewhere between BBQ tacos and falafel pitas.
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