Another week, another round of amazing product updates coming hot out of the our R&D’s oven! This week we’re light on updates, heavy on impact with two feature improvements that will leave you saying, “holy monday, that’s good”.


  • Gmail image integration
    When you integrate Gmail with a monday board, you can include image attachments within the item automatically!


  • Rollup on timeline and calendar views
    You can now consolidate multiple timelines into one calendar or timeline view!

Gmail image integration

This basically means that you never have to go into your email again… and that’s pretty huge. You can easily stay up-to-date with all incoming emails through your monday boards (where you’re doing all of your work anyways), easily view image attachments, and respond to mails before anyone even has the chance to say “per my last—”

So if you’re currently working with either of these:

And you get an email that looks like this:

It’s going to look a little something like this in your board:

Rollup on timeline and calendar views

What’s better than getting a high-level view or your project timelines? Getting an even higher level view. You can now bring multiple timelines together from linked items to get one, overhead view of all of your timelines in one place. Let’s say you have a board that houses all of your broad project timelines, without diving deep into the details of each. You can now see all of your roadmaps in one place. 

Want to find a crew of monday-lovers who await the next integration? Who jump at the chance to test the latest automation? Well, they’re waiting for you in the monday community!