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New automation options, group dragging enhancements, and more!

Adi Pick

With this week being World Smile Day, our incredible R&D team was certainly doing their part to try and make you smile. Or, at least bring to fruition some new features to jazz up your daily workflow.

Check out their latest streaks of brilliance:

  • Group dragging
    Drag groups inside your boards in a more thrilling way – yes, this is possible!
  •  Milestone indication on board
    We’ve added a new indication of a milestone on the board (next to the timeline cell)
  • New automation action block was added
    You can now set the value of a numbers column!

Group dragging just got better

What do we mean by this exactly? You know how they say a picture is worth 1,000 words? Well, then a gif is worth, what? 1 million, maybe? See for yourself!




Milestone indication on boards

We’ve added a new indication of a milestone on the board (next to the timeline cell) so you can always see which dates you need to pay extra attention to. The color of the diamond-shaped milestone icon is based according to the group color, unless the timeline is connected to a status column, in which case the color is the same as the deadline status.

New automation action block!

We added a new action block this week, which lets you set the value of a numbers column. This new automation is accessible via custom recipes and integration apps.

You may be wondering how exactly you can make use of this awesome new feature, so we came up with an example for ya: let’s say a factory owner handles her manufacturing processes with our product. She can create automations for her orders using this new feature, to automatically renew to their pre-defined quantities every time that the status simply changes to needing renewal. Awesome, right?


Are there more features you’d like to see our superhuman team of developers take on? Let us know in the community! Also, In the event that you missed the North American and European editions of our incredible online conference, Elevate no limits, register now, coming to a Zoom room near you on October 14!

Adi Pick
Raised in Vancouver, Adi can now be found in sunny Tel Aviv trying to find the best slice of pizza on this side of the Mediterranean while trying to maintain the stereotype of Canadian politeness, eh?
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