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monday workdocs in boards, automatically cleared columns, and customizable WorkForms – all new!

Jackie Goldberg 2 min read
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Daylight savings isn’t the only thing that can save you time! With columns that can clear based on an automation and worksdocs that can be added directly into a board, time is on your side. Plus, we can’t get enough of the WorkForm customizations that make it easier for your brand to stand out.

  • Maximize efficiency by connecting existing workdocs to boards
    Easily add existing or new docs directly to the files column in your monday board to keep all your work organized in one place.
  • Reduce manual work with columns that clear automatically
    Keep your board neat with an automation that clears any column based on the triggers you set.
  • Fully customize your WorkForms
    Ensure brand recognition by choosing the fonts and colors in your WorkForms to match your company style.

Maximize efficiency by connecting existing workdocs to boards

Workdocs integrate seamlessly with your boards – you can add them to the file column with just a couple of clicks. Choose between adding an existing doc or even creating a new one all from within the column. This helps keep all of your team’s docs in the right places so that everyone has the resources they need to do their best work.

Reduce manual work with columns that clear automatically 

Skip manually clearing columns with this new automation. Based on whatever trigger you set, this automation clears the column of your choice when the trigger is activated. For example, you could set up a trigger to automatically clear the priority column when items are marked as “done” to help keep track of the most relevant and urgent items.


Fully customize your WorkForms with fonts and colors

Your brand recognition will be even stronger with added WorkForm customization. Change the fonts and colors to match your branding. Choose from some of the most popular fonts and pick your color based on a color picker or HEX, RGB, or HSLA code.


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