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The 5 top questions from’s Reddit AMA

Danielle Tawfik 7 min read
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At, we’re always looking for new ways to connect and interact with our growing community. We see a lot of value in discovering what questions or issues our users may have: with that, we can implement their feedback into improving our product.

So, on August 25th, 2022 we hosted our first ever Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on our’s subreddit, r/mondaydotcom.  The AMA was a three-hour virtual event where Reddit users could ask just about anything they wanted about and receive answers in real-time.  Analisa Debon, a Knowledge Expert at, bravely took on the task of answering each and every one of these user questions with her unique insight.

It turned out to be a major success! We were able to connect with our community, and users everywhere were able to get their most pressing questions answered live. We wanted to share some of our most upvoted questions in hopes of helping anyone else who may be wondering about similar things. Enjoy!

Key Results of the AMA session 

  • The thread received over 3.2K views
  • The thread had over 100 different comments and questions
  • We received over 100 new followers to our subreddit

The Most Upvoted Questions and Answers

1. Using formulas in automations

u/Klomorax asked, “Formulas. Are you planning to make formulas results server side so we can use them in automations?

u/a_debon answered,” Hey there! I definitely understand how that option would be helpful — I love formulas myself and would love to utilize the Formula Column in automations.

Since the platform currently does not support the Formula Column in automations (and I am unable to provide a confirmation of when/if that option will be available), I’d love to offer some workarounds. As you may know already, the best workaround for this is to use the General Caster App – which can utilize a formula in an automation.

Additionally, new automation options have been released over the past few years, which may also be useful as workarounds. Our Support Team is happy to work with users to determine a workaround using our automations for specific use-cases — so please feel free to reach out to our Support Team and we’ll be happy to identify other workarounds for your specific formula use-case from there :)”

2. Connecting multiple boards

u/Turbulent-Sherbent455 asked, “Can the same item be on multiple boards at the same time?”

u/a_debon answered, “The Connect Boards Column combined with the Mirror Column can be used to allow data from the same item to appear on multiple boards.

The Connect Boards Column creates the connection between two boards, and the Mirror Column then shows data from Columns in one board to the other (and is fueled from the Connect Boards Column connection).

Feel free to view a tutorial on how to set up this option here :)” 

3. Linking boards to emails

u/Ok_Professional590 asked, “Will there be support built out for multiple email addresses to be linked to the “Emails & Activities” section of the conversation tabs. Ie- one board is set for one email, another board is set for another. In addition, will I be able to share access with other team members to send emails/see templates?”

u/a_debon answered, “Hey there! For now, users can connect multiple email addresses to the Emails & Activities App, but will need to select which email account they wish to send an email from. I’m happy to add a feature request with our developers to see if we can allow for specific email addresses to be set for specific board’s Emails & Activities app views 🙂

In terms of sharing access with other Members to send emails/see templates – are you referring to allowing Members to send emails using the email account/templates you have set up with Emails & Activities? If so, I’m afraid this is not yet possible as all users must connect an email address (that has not yet been connected) to the app in order to send emails. This is to ensure emails are sent only from the user who approves the connection/owns the email account. Hope this insight helps!”

4. Using for real estate

u/Negative_Display_637 asked, “What are the pros and cons of using Monday as a CRM for real estate compared to other solutions like Wise Agent?”

u/a_debon answered, “ is not just a CRM; it’s a Work OS. This means the platform offers features and solutions for many use-cases and can be scaled for all teams – big or small. also offers a 2-week free trial as well as a Free Plan for users to utilize as they determine if our platform is right for them. I highly recommend setting up a free trial to explore the platform — and while doing so, you’re welcome to follow along with our webinars and guides below designed for Real Estate teams:

Hope this helps :)”

5. Emails in automations

u/ApprehensiveBad3297 asked, “Why is the pulse email not available as a column to easily integrate automation for updates sent to that email?

Why can’t multiple team members send from the same email? My team uses a shared inbox that all traffic is routed through. We are unable to use the email function in to send emails from this account (or only 1 team member can at a time). If this feature was enabled we could completely eliminate the need for the team to work from the shared inbox!”

u/a_debon answered, “Hey there! It sounds like you’re looking to utilize an item’s email in an automation so that when an update is created via email, something happens – is that correct? If so, I’m curious to learn about your workflow to see if we can offer a workaround. For example, you could use the recipe “when an update is created, notify XZY” so that when an update is created via the item’s email address, a user is notified.

In terms of multiple users sending emails from the same email address – it sounds like you are using the Emails & Activities app to send emails, is that correct? If so, all users must connect to a unique email address in the E&A app to ensure that they are authorized to send emails from that account. This process ensures only the owner of the email account can send emails. With that said, I see how using a shared inbox would be helpful, so I’m happy to submit a feature request to our developers to see what they can do. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!”

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