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Kick off your projects with muted notifications and RTL text!

Jackie Goldberg 2 min read
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With the new year comes new feature updates for better workflows. Stick to your Inbox Zero goal with muted board notifications, create forms in more languages, and access data in the blink of an eye.


  • Mute board notifications for all users
    Declutter notifications for users by muting any noisy boards that you own.
  • WorkForms now support RTL languages
    Type in more languages with new right-to-left text support.
  • Load dashboards faster with live & on-demand data
    Easily switch between live and on demand data for your dashboards so they load faster.

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Mute board notifications for all users

If you’re the owner of a noisy board, you might find our new mute feature useful. You can now mute all board notifications for users to help them declutter their inbox. Users can always reset the notification setting themselves if they want to continue receiving notifications from that board.

Here’s where to find the setting:


WorkForms now support RTL languages

Gain the freedom to type in the language of your choice with right to left language support in WorkForms. This includes languages like Arabic and Hebrew, among others. It’s simple to implement and can relieve formatting headaches.

Get RTL here:


Load dashboards faster with live & on demand data

Enjoy faster load times and a smoother experience on your dashboards by turning off live data – to instantly get the most up-to-date data, simply click the refresh button. You can also easily switch back to live data with one click.

Turn off live data here:


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