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Product updates

Introducing the new desktop app!

Eliana Atia 2 min read
Get Started on your phone, on your browser, and now… on your new and improved desktop app! If you’re anything like us, you depend on your boards, workflows, and notifications to keep your daily work moving forward. And we’re big believers in letting people do their work the way that works best for them, that’s why we rebuilt our desktop app from scratch.

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What does this mean for you? 

It means a smoother, better experience, feature updates, and new functionalities that will have your whole team rushing to the app store.

So, what exactly makes this new desktop app different from the last? Well, we totally rebuilt it, not just improving small bugs but starting from scratch to make sure it exceeds the expectations of our customers and provides the kind of experience that monday users have come to expect.

Something a little like this:

llama with a hula hoop

The new app’s major improvements include:

  • Smoother and faster experience
  • More stability and security
  • Fixed login issues
  • Fixed white blank page issues
  • Fixed refresh issues
  • Fixed zoom issues
  • Fixed crash issues
  • App reopens at the previous page
  • Fixed exit from full-screen bug
  • Fixed board scroll issues
  • And much much more!

Want to check out the new and improved desktop app for yourself?

Download it in now for macOS or Windows!

See a few things that can still be improved? Let us know!

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Eliana is a marketer and storyteller who uses her diverse industry experience to create compelling content. A Texas native and current Telavivian, she’s finding her place somewhere between BBQ tacos and falafel pitas.
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