The feature updates our R&D team have been working on this week will make your team’s work flow, your projects progress, and your processes… process. Basically, your daily work is about to get better.

Let’s see what we’ve got!

  • Easy access for Focus mode
    You can now easily pause your notifications from the left pane!
  • Multi-people selection in automations
    Want to assign multiple people across different teams in your automations? Now you can!
  • Download all files from file preview
    Downloading all of the files in an update is now a click away
  • File events in audit log
    Stay in-the-know on all board actions including downloading files and exporting board data

Easy access for Focus mode

There is nothing worse than hopping on a video conferencing call for some good-quality brainstorming with a teammate, only to be bombarded with notifications—each small ding or pop-up stealing your train of thought time and time again.

Now, you can pause your notifications and enter your “Focus mode” straight from the left pane menu, which means you can zone in quicker than it takes your microphone to connect.

Multi-people selection in automations 

Here at, some of our coolest initiatives are created by “task forces”, or groups of people gathered from different teams who work together on a specific project or initiative. And, obviously, we build boards to organize those projects, define ownership, and make sure we stay on track. But setting up automations for multiple individuals, across different teams, was a struggle. It looked a little something like this:

But now… 🥁

You can assign multiple people or teams to automations, which means anyone involved on a project can stay updated, no matter what team they’re on!

Download all files from file preview

Remember when we announced the file column summary a few weeks ago? Well now, you can easily download all of the files in your file column summary to make storing and save files easier than ever.

File events in audit log

For account admins, having transparency into the activity of certain boards can be a must for maintaining the security and safety of board data. Now, you can see specific actions like “Attachment download” or “Export board” easily within the audit log!

Making teamwork work is like, kind of our thing. So we want to know what’s working for you! Have an idea that will revolutionize your workflow? Let us know in the monday community!