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Stacked bar charts are here and your team is celebrating!

Eliana Atia 3 min read
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The feature updates we’re bringing you this week have caused quite a bit of excitement internally. We won’t share the long threads of amazing feedback, but we will share some of the memes which pretty much say it all:





Now, let’s see what all the excitement is about.

  • Stacked bar charts from multiple boards
    The ability to add multiple boards to a stacked bar is a big one for all of you trying to get a big picture view of your data in one place.
  • Collapse all on the left pane
    Go from cluttered to clear with one click! You can now collapse your workspaces in your left pane with a simple “collapse all” button.
  • Permission changes on activity log
    Whenever someone edits the permission status or changes the ability for someone to edit the items where they are assigned as the “assignee” it will now be visible in the board’s activity log!
  • Find groups using board search
    Sometimes the basics can make the biggest impact, and amazing board search is definitely one of them. You can now easily find group titles using board search for your larger boards!

Stacked bar chart from multiple boards

As part of’s ongoing mission to make data consumption easy, intuitive, and visual we are very excited to announce the ability to add multiple boards to a stacked bar. To get a peek at how it looks, check out this video:

And to get a peek at how our team feels, check out this image:

Collapse all on the left pane

We don’t need to tell you that your workspace often reflects your mindset. Sometimes you just need to clear everything and focus. The left pane of your account is the perfect place to start, and now you can collapse all of your workspaces easily with one click.

Permission changes on activity log

Organizational transparency is all about accessing the information you need to make the right decisions. Now, with the ability to see when permissions changed in the activity log, there are never any surprises.

Find groups using board search

When navigating through a large board, it can be difficult to spot exactly what you’re looking for in a snap. Now you can easily search and filter through all of your data and find what you’re looking for within any group, fast.

We’ve been loving every minute using these new feature updates, not that we’re bias or anything. But we want to hear from you! Love them? Want more? Have an idea that will revolutionize your workflow? Let us know in the monday community!

Eliana is a marketer and storyteller who uses her diverse industry experience to create compelling content. A Texas native and current Telavivian, she’s finding her place somewhere between BBQ tacos and falafel pitas.
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