For some time now we’ve been keeping a board for internal use to make sure everyone on the team stays up to date on updates and improvements to our platform. We called this board the Captain’s Log (shout out to all of the fellow Star Trek nerds) and now, we would like to share it with you.

We realized that’s capabilities are so vast it’s easy for super useful, exciting updates to roll out every week and slip by being noticed.

So, we figured if even the team struggles to keep track of the ever-growing list of features, you guys probably do too. This is the first of a post, sharing all updates; big and small, that help your teams click.

Export to PDF/PNG/JPEG/SVG/CSV and to print

  • Sometimes things are just easier to understand when you’re looking at it on ink and paper. Well, if that’s how you (or your manager) feel then this is great news for you. You can now export charts and dashboards to PDF/PNG/JPEG/SVG/CSV and to print!

Check out how it looks below:

Filter Your Views

  • Trying not to get too caught up in information and updates that you don’t need? Now you can easily filter for the view that works for you.

Column ID View in Developer Mode

  • For all of you developers working with our API or Zapier integrations, we added the ability to see column IDs after activating “Developer Mode” from monday.labs.

Check out this post to learn more!

Timeline Summary

  • Get a quick overview of the timeline for a group of items! Our new summary view appears in the timeline column and gives you a quick and easy look into your whole project timeline. It’s also supported as a rollup in the mirror column.

Eventbrite Integration

  • Nothing like a new integration! now integrates with eventbrite, the event ticketing and management site. You can learn more details about the integration in this post.

New Automations!

Here are a few automation updates that should make your workflow even smoother.

  • When number column value is greater/lower/equals notify someone:

  • When status changes to something create a new group:

  • We’ve also updated the “create a board” automation. It used to be this…

And now it’s this!

You can also define exactly what kind of board you’d like to create, as you’re creating it.

For now, this is only available in general Workspaces.

Email Automation

  • Ever wish you could have more flexibility for your outlook email automations? Well, we heard you! Until now, it was only possible to create static conditions on an email’s subject/body/sender/receiver – you defined them once and they were the same for the entire board.Now they can be dependant on the item name/column values to allow different behavior for different items. Example – when an email from an address arrives, put it as an update on a specific matching item by its name.

We hope this was as useful for you as it is for us! Keep an eye for next week’s Captain’s Log to stay in the know on all things If you have specific questions in the meantime, you can always search our knowledge base and read in-depth coverage on some of our most popular products.