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3 marketing campaign templates to keep your team in motion

Jenna Stein 3 min read
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Marketing campaigns have undergone quite a transformation in the last decade. Although marketing efforts still consist of crunching numbers and trying to raise profits, the nature of marketing campaigns have taken a creative turn.

Whether it be for creative requests, workflow management, video production, or cross collaborations etc, these marketing campaign templates will help you keep track of every deadline, align your team on all moving parts, and centralize your workflows, projects and processes in one place. If that’s not enough, you can integrate with other tools like Hubspot, Eventbrite, and more.

Marketing calendar template 

content calendar templateAre you struggling to keep track of all your campaign deadlines? This visual and intuitive template can help you easily plan, organize, and visualize any of your team’s marketing activities. Customize your board by month so that you can hit all of your upcoming deadlines, and see what’s in the pipeline. Assign team members to each action item and monitor your plan’s progress at every stage of the campaign.

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Campaign tracking template

campaign tracking templateMarketing campaigns can include a series of projects launched across different platforms, and spread across multiple regions, which can be overwhelming for creative teams.

This template makes tracking campaigns easy, allowing you to keep tabs on all channels your team uses, such as Facebook and Instagram. There’s also a convenient URL builder that lets you create and edit links to your liking. You can organize the results of each campaign and track the performance, while keeping up-to-date on your time, money, and so much more.

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Competitor analysis template

competitors analysis templateWhether you’re a large enterprise or a solo entrepreneur, you can use the competitor’s analysis template to identify the competitor or competitors you want to assess, and input the service or product factors you wish to compare.

You can add as many competitors as you like, and choose which features you want to view. Use this information to establish new working practices, make adjustments to management systems, and impact all areas of your business. Add notes, attach documents, and hold conversations within the template. Additionally, you can compare your processes to your competitors; for example, phone support protocols for easy access and comparison without leaving the template.

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As campaign marketing now consists of many intricate and creative processes–  let’s face it, we all need help. With these three marketing campaign templates, you and your team will be able to keep track of all your moving parts in order to produce a high quality campaign when it goes live.

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