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4 content management templates to help you with all your content needs

Jenna Stein 4 min read
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Managing all content creation is no easy task. We’ve created these templates to help you and your team produce the most valuable content possible.

Whether you’re WFH (working from home) or in the office, content is king for lots of marketing and creative processes and projects, including marketing materials, creative assets, design briefs, and video production etc. Managing all content creation, let alone your team members producing it, is no easy task, and can be overwhelming at times.

We have created some amazing content management templates that will help you and your team foster collaboration, stay up-to-date on all content creation processes, and produce the most valuable content possible. And remember – every template below integrates with your content favorite tools, like MailChimp, Excel and others.

Content planning template 

This content planning template will help you and your team easily construct a content plan and develop a clear and visual method of your ideas. Spend less time organizing your content plan, and focus on creating valuable content for your audience.

The template allows you to insert all the tasks directly on your board and to plan, track and organize all your content ideas. Use different colors and labels to customize it according to the content type, clients, topics, assigned writer, and more.

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Content calendar template

Are you struggling to keep track of your content and your team’s content requirements? This content calendar template can help you manage your publishing schedules and coordinate all content marketing initiatives in one place – whether it’s for digital publications, social media or email marketing.

View your content instantly in calendar view or navigate other views as well!

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Blog planning template

Avoid any last-minute panic posts with this easy-to-use blog planning template that simplifies the whole blogging process – from content creating, proofreading to SEO optimization, and publication.

Easily align your writers, add publication dates, monitor overall progress, and sort posts by category. Automatically alert teammates and content creators any time there is a change in publication deadline, when a revision or a new request is made. You can chat with clients, team members, and others who are involved in the blog planning process. Also, you can use the date column to see any urgent and overdue assignments on one date.

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Editorial calendar template 

In the fast-paced world of digital publishing, you need a flexible way to manage your content planning, creation, and publishing process. The editorial calendar template is the perfect way to manage your long-term publishing strategy, your mid-term content creation plans, and the last-minute additions.

The template is split into “this month” and “next month” but you can easily specify the labels for these groupings or add as many additional groups as you need.

Change the name of any column to reflect the language used by your editorial team and add as many columns as you need to cover your particular needs.

Get the editorial calendar template now!

Content planning and production can seem overwhelming, with so many moving parts. However, with these content management templates, you’ll spend less time on organizing and more time producing the highest quality content!

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