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Get more done with's team management software

Organize your team's tasks, get a clear overview of where things stand, and accomplish more, together.

Team Management Software

Communicate and collaborate better with your team

Effective communication has never been easier. Set goals, plan ahead, prioritize, and get everyone on the same page with's team collaboration platform.

See at a glance where things stand

Identify bottlenecks and common gaols, delegate tasks, and see where complex projects stand in real-time from anywhere, at any time with our team management system.

Get more done and celebrate success

With colorful views, you'll always know where members of your team stand and what you should do next even with a remote team.

Manage everything in one place

Manage your entire team, assign tasks and projects, simplify employee on-boarding, and centralize pretty much eveyrthing. Collaborate in a single team management software and communicate in context to keep everyone aligned, seamlessly.

Work on the right thing at the right time

Effective team management and tracking projects doesn't have to be challenging. Use our timeline feature to plan who will work on what. Get things done more efficiently and transparently, every time.

Team management software with Gannt view

Never miss a deadline again

See at a glance what's upcoming or overdue to make sure your team is on track at all times. Get automated reminders of upcoming deadlines so you can rest assured you'll get it done on time, every time.

Team management software - status and due date

Track time effortlessly

Just push a button to start your timer. Plan your tasks and see how much time people spend on them in one place.'s time tracking feature example

Meet your long-term goals with reports

Easily visualize if your team is on track and see what's holding them back. Improve your team management skills with's collaboration tool.

Team management software goals

Pick a template, make it your own!

Weekly Team Tasks

This shareable template gives you a clear overview of what your team needs to get done each week. With full transparency into each task and it’s status, team members are motivated to take ownership and receive recognition for work completed.

Weekly Team Tasks Template

Design Tasks

Manage projects easily across different teams. Align your team on the design tasks that need to get done, see who’s working on what, assign designers to new tasks, set due dates, and prioritize with color-coded labels.

Design Tasks Template

Daily To Do List

Edit and add anything and everything you need to get done today, and everyday. Make time-tracking each task seamless, and plan a realistic amount of work for each work-week.

Daily Tasks Manager

What does team management mean?

Team management software is any platform that helps a team collaborate, communicate, and effectively manage a team and all of their tasks. The best project management tools also increase productivity and improve the quality of team projects that are produced.

Task management: set deadlines

How can I manage my tasks better?

Getting your team onboard requires sending an invitation, and that’s it! It’s so visual and easy to use your teammates will get hooked immediately. Don't believe us? Try it for free for 2 weeks!

project management on both phone and desktop

Stories from our community

Bring clarity
to my team

" provided incredible amount of clarity on how to best get things done."
Kyle Ford, Fml


The end of micro management

"Without monday, we could easily lose track of who is doing what and how 'vital' the project is."
Margaret Kuhlman, UVA medical center


Boost team

"Before, we were so busy with so many incoming projects that tasks would slip through the cracks."
Britanny Carter, Wizr