Get more done as a team
Organize your team's tasks, get a clear overview of where things stand, and accomplish more together.
Collaborate better with your team
Plan ahead, prioritize, and get everyone on the same page
See at a glance where things stand
Identify bottlenecks and see where things stand in seconds
Get more done and celebrate success
Watch out! Your team will soon get addicted to turn things green
Manage everything in one place
Manage all your team tasks and projects, employee on-boarding, meeting notes or vacation days. Collaborate in a single place. Add assets and comments in context so it will be found easily later
Work on the right thing at the right time
Use our timeline feature to plan who will work on what. It's like a Gantt chart but flexible and intuitive.
Never miss a deadline again
See at a glance what's upcoming or overdue to make sure your team is on track.
Track time with ease
Just push a button to start your timer. Plan your tasks and see how much time people spend on them in one place.
Meet your goals with reports
Easily visualize if your team is on track and see what's holding them back.
Variety of templates
Team Tasks
Meeting Notes
Employee Onboarding
Stories from our community
Bring clarity
to my team
" provided incredible amount of clarity on how to best get things done."
Kyle Ford, Fml
The end of micro management
"Without monday, we could easily lose track of who is doing what and how 'vital' the project is."
Margaret Kuhlman, UVA medical center
Boost team
"Before, we were so busy with so many incoming projects that tasks would slip through the cracks."
Britanny Carter, Wizr