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Track and manage your production process helps you keep track of your production and manufacturing process, delivery dates, and priorities in one place.

3Production Management Tool2x

Increase efficiency and accuracy

Easily manage your orders, internally and externally

Customize to fit your workflow

Add and remove steps, set assignees, and tailor it to your workflow.

See your pipeline at a glance

Increase clarity for everyone in your team

Manage everything in one place

Manage all your manufacturing processes from planning to completion. Everything is visible to everyone in your team. Easily define what's urgent and what isn't. Assign the right person for that must-win project. Set automatic notifications for important issues.

Stay on top of everything

Track and manage your production process

Stay on top of everything at a glance. Cut meeting times and email communication

KanbanCopy 2x
Increase clarity and transparency

Let everyone know what's coming next

No need to guess the future workload. Everyone in the team will know where things stand at any given time.

calender 2x
Meet deadlines

Set deadlines and never drop the ball

See at a glance what are the next actions you should take in order to deliver on time. See which tasks are overdue and set your priorities accordingly

Online form

Capture orders and customer requests

Customize the form, add the questions you need, and embed it into your site to capture orders or customer requests. All submissions from your website will automatically be collected.

Form 2x

Track your progress with reports

Track manufacturing progress, delivery times, pipeline or anything else using our reports.


Variety of templates

Orders Pipeline


Production Management


Supply Chain


Stories from our community

Track manufacturing orders for our clients

""The template used enables us to search for any order at the drop of a hat and know exactly what is currently happening""
James Evans, Rightstride

Production flow management

" has saved us so much time and headache as well as an additional employee or two on the payroll."
Kris Blackwell, PLI

Keep Track of textile production and artisans

"I used to do thousands of spreadsheets and try and keep all information in my head, which made it extremely hard to communicate to my teammates and would make me forget important information."
Gabriela Luna Alvear, Lunadelpinal