Quarterly Objectives Template

set and track your quarterly objectives easily and achieve them with our visual template.

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Quarterly Objectives Template

Ensure your objectives are met

When it’s your job to ensure your company’s objectives are met, monitoring the progress of your team members can be difficult and laborious, to say the least. Having a way to manage this responsibility effectively is crucial if you want to ensure objectives are met, to the required standard, on time, and on budget.

Having a file for each of the high-level objectives you oversee can work, but it means you can find yourself opening and closing multiple files, suffering from data overload, and losing track of what you have and have not reviewed. With the quarterly objectives template, you not only have a single point of access for all of the information related to an objective, but you can monitor your team's progress across all objectives in one, single view.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Embed information:
    Use the infoboxes available for each entry to store files, make notes, have conversations with team members, and even maintain a question and answers section.
  • Prioritize:
    Attach a priority to each objective, and you can filter or display objectives according to how urgent or otherwise they are.
  • Alternate views:
    Use the general table view for a basic overview of all information or change to a kanban view, which you can sort by either status or priority. Click on a particular card and see an overview of the objective and the person who is responsible for the achievement of said objective.