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How long does it take to build a house in 2022?

There are many variables that affect how much time will go into building your new home or even renovating just a portion of it — most home builders would gauge it at about one year, with another year added for planning and prep. This requires thoughtful planning and an intuitive Work OS to track it all. is your custom home
construction software

If your goals include saving money and gaining time as you move through the details of interior trims, exterior finishes, and HVAC system installations, look no further than Work OS features to get you started.
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Gantt View

Zooming out is just as important as zooming in when it comes to house construction schedules. Use the Gantt chart view to understand where each stage fits in and to add dependencies, like painting time and electrical and plumbing installations.
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Keep tabs on your predicted and actual spend using easy formulas that do the work for you. Make it visual by using dashboards and widgets that help you understand where everything stands. Indicate any outstanding or completed expenses.
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File sharing

Bring all of your most important documents like invoices, contracts, and design plans in one place. Upload images of light fixtures, interior finishes, and more and provide feedback or decisions directly on them with annotation.
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Mobile app

Stay connected on-the-go whether you’re an interior designer, a contractor, or any other stakeholder in the home construction process. Use the mobile app to add notes and files as well as updating statuses and assigning tasks to keep every in the loop.
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Start building smart construction schedule workflows faster with a number of templates from the Template Center. Choose a dedicated construction template to get started and tailor it to your needs.
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CRM capabilities

Managing an effective house construction schedule starts with effective client relationship management. has the infrastructure to let you track walls and roof progress, down to the last coat of paint while letting you collect client information and managing communication.

Frequently asked questions

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How do you draft a construction schedule?
Before you can get into the details of what exterior doors, walls, and ceilings you want, check out these steps to create a construction project schedule:

1. Choose a construction scheduling software
2. Conduct research on client requirements, the property, etc.
3. Create a list of subcontractors
4. List tasks and phases
5. Estimate task duration
6. Use the work breakdown structure (WBS) method
7. Review schedule with stakeholders
8. Get started
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What are the 5 stages of building a house?
Is it cheaper to build a house?

More time building your dream home,
less time building workflows is the ideal place to map out your typical house construction schedule.