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How do project managers track time?

Project managers can effectively track individual employee’s time spent on each project by using a time tracking software. Here are just some of the ways you can use’s time tracking features to improve your project planning:
1. Promote accountability with the Time Tracking Column that lets each employee track exactly how they’re spending their time.
2. Gain invaluable insights with easy-to-understand reports that can help leaders and contributors manage projects and prioritize time more effectively.
3. Improve time report accuracy by creating one central place to collect clear, precise data.
4. Master resource management with our Workload View and Widget to get an overview of your team’s capacity.

Ease the burden of tracking your employees’ work with our time tracking software for project managers. allows you to execute essential time tracking and management tasks in one cohesive tool, without micromanaging. Our Work OS goes beyond project management software with customizable features to help you build a custom time-tracking tool:
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Time Tracking Column

Whenever you start a task, simply click on play to start the timer to track each work hour. You can pause it anytime and start it again. You can also choose to add in a range of time manually.
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Flexible reports

Analyze your data any way you like — see a breakdown of time by projects, clients, and tasks to make accurate project estimation a breeze. Your data can then be easily exported to an excel sheet.
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Data synchronization

Stay up to date with changes in real-time for every team member or contributor with both desktop and mobile apps.
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Multiple views offers different view types: Calendar, Gantt chart, Kanban, Timeline, Chart, and more so you can visualize your time entry related data the way that best suits you.
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Easily automate repetitive tasks without having to put in extra work with our Formula Column and automatically calculate hourly rates multiplied by time spent for billing purposes.
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On-the-go tracking

Manage your team from anywhere via the mobile app on both Android and iOS devices on and offline.

Frequently asked questions

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How do you track hours spent on a project?
With’s time tracking column you can automatically or manually track how many billable hours or non-billable hours have been spent over any period of time. This will allow you to identify admin tasks that take up most of your team's time and automate/ improve your processes.
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What is the best time tracking software?

Gain control of the time spent on your next project

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