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Cloud Inventory Management Software to Fit Your Needs

Keep track, stay organized, and increase your sales

Cloud Inventory Management

Manage Your Inventory Board

Create a customized cloud inventory management system to understand your fulfilment needs. Having a comprehensible and color-coded board allows you and your team to stay on track to make sure your orders are fulfilled on time and without delay.

Manage your inventory board with's cloud inventory management

Stay Organized

Understand the status of your inventory in a glance. Easily see what needs to be restocked, how much space you have available for new inventory, and more! You will even be able to visually understand the efficiency of your warehouse team as you can clearly see who's working on what.

Stay organized with's cloud inventory management

Track Your Shipments

With's cloud inventory you know exactly what is going on with your inventory at any given time, you will be able to prevent running out of stock and therefore, prevent the delays of shipments. In knowing the exact status of every shipment, you can succeed in effective inventory management.

Track your shipments with's cloud inventory management

Maximize Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your warehouse and watch your sales skyrocket! By making sure that your inventory is properly managed, you will see a rise in your sales.

Maximize efficiency with's cloud inventory management

“Knowing that something is completed and delivered without being in the office is the best”

....We are using for order movement. We use it to follow orders through our system from sale, to production, billing, installation, etc. It’s really great. Additionally, we purchased a projector and computer to display our board in our work center so everyone can see at anytime the real-time info. Its changed the way we operate, in a good way.” - Barb and Tyler Lindvall, Harmonic Media

Get stuff done with's cloud inventory management