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The Ultimate Solution to Managing your Franchise

Stay organized and in contact with your franchisees

Franchise Management Software

Build Strong Relationships

The franchisor - franchisee relationship can be compared to a "commercial marriage". Both parties must work effectively together, respect one another, and understand their respective roles. Overcoming these challenges can be accomplished by with strong franchise management virtues such as transparency, organization, ownership, motivation, and respect.

To maintain a strong relationship in franchise management, every interaction needs to be well-structured and accessible to all involved. Interactions could include sharing guidelines and marketing materials such as logos or branding assets.

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Easily Resolve Franchise Challenges

It can be a challenge to implement an idea, a set of rules, or unified branding across an entire franchise chain. With an effective management platform, everything can be done more easily:

- Organize all materials in one place within a specific context
- Define clear rules that are accessible to everyone
- Collaborate on the implementation of new ideas together
- Track and follow progress of any process

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How It's Done?

Use a centralized location to share all materials needed to manage a franchise. Create shareable boards for franchisee owners and invite them to access, track and comment on anything they need to fulfill their processes. Provide franchisees with all tools they need to synchronize their teams. For example, create a guidelines board to share the rules you want franchisees to follow. Encourage them to update the board to share their progress..

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Centralize Everything and Make it Happen!

Connect your franchisees with all the materials they need. Communicate with them in context, encourage them to provide feedback, ask questions, and manage their processes better.

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