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Easily manage your construction project timelines with templates. While there are several different ways to create a timeline, like using a free excel construction template, construction boards offer an excellent solution!

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Robust construction schedule templates

If you’re a seasoned construction project manager, you probably know that, no matter how flexible your approach, it’s unwise to jump straight into a project without first creating a written plan. And it takes more than just a completion date to create a construction schedule that flows and gives all the key players key information.

Think of this page as your first introduction to sample construction schedules. You can use to create:

  • General contractor construction schedule templates
  • Construction project schedule templates
  • Construction timeline templates
  • And more
  • When it comes to construction schedule spreadsheets, it’s not one-size-fits-all, the way you might find it set up in Excel construction templates or commercial construction schedule templates in Excel. So instead of placing your valuable time and objectives into the hands of a generic printable construction schedule template or construction schedule template pdf, let’s explore the dynamic advantages and possibilities with a construction project schedule example on

    Construction Schedule Templates

    What do these templates offer?

    • Create action items to ensure team member accountability and set expectations

    • Import excel files directly in the platform to create a board

    • Manage budget and prevent overspending with columns, widgets, and dashboards

    • Map timelines with relevant milestones, task owners, and dependencies

    • Stay on top of teammate workloads and deliverables

    It gets better...

    With even more features to optimize the way you build your workflows, from start to finish:

    • Keep track of contracts and requirements— is great for document management and file uploads.

    • Integrate with your existing tools and apps to bring your work into one place

    • Communicate quickly and in-context with Updates sections, available on desktop and our mobile app

    • Share boards and dashboards with clients and coworkers in real-time with custom permissions

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    Using construction schedule templates

    By type of project

    A commercial construction schedule spreadsheet helps you stay on track for each phase of construction, no matter what part of the industry you’re in. Here are just a few industries:
    • Residential

    • Commercial

    • Educational

    • Transportation

    By phase

    The most effective kinds of construction schedule templates and plans are broken up according to the construction phase. lets you create distinct groups on your boards so you can effectively sort your tasks and deadlines. You can even organize it by sections within a project, such as office spaces vs. bathrooms in a high-rise building.
    construction schedule template
    A timeline is particularly important for construction, since other industries are reliant on completion, whether it’s a home’s future residents moving in or a restaurant being able to announce their grand opening to the community. Easily convert deadlines and timeline column data into a visual map, like a Gantt chart—all included in our templates.

    Just as with other construction schedule spreadsheets, you should list start and end dates in your renovation template. Since it’s especially important that office renovations occur exactly on schedule, use a Gantt chart to regularly keep track of tasks and to easily share your progress with the relevant stakeholders.

    By role

    Construction schedule templates are not just useful throughout an industry, they are also crucial throughout an entire organization or team. Who is using them is just as broad as the how. Check out this list of who can benefit from starting out with a construction schedule template:
    • Contractors

    • Interior designers

    • Finance teams

    • Marketing departments

    • City planning committees

    • What’s more, many teams often collaborate on one common goal or construction project, so keeping them all synced in one easy-to-adapt and share workflow is a huge win for productivity and communication.

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