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Manage Your Church in One Tool

Simple, friendly, and visual church management software anyone can use!

Project Management

Centralize communication within your Church

Having one tool to manage all Church administration could be a miracle that we all need!

As your Church office is growing, everything is getting harder to keep track of…

Who is planning events? Where is the event being held? What times are the children's activities happening? Finally, there is a management software to organize all of this! Easily organize all events, programs, and your Sunday’s in one place. Use boards to organize the departments of your Church. You can store data, communicate with the team, keep track of members, the options are endless!

Project Timeline

Event Planning

Keeping track of upcoming events can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be! All Church administration and event management planning needs can be organized in one central place. How great would it be to see Senior Bingo Night, the community Easter egg hunt, the Christmas food drive and the various fundraising initiatives, among so many other exciting Church events, all planned out for the year? You can accomplish this with a simple event overview board. Build yourself and your team a clear overview of which events are started, stuck, or in the process of planning and ready to be launched!

Project Tracker

Track Giving Effectively

Create one central place to track giving and take your planning one step further make note of your budget and spending in the same place. In one clear view, you can have all member donations detailed. You can see who donated, how much they gave and how the Church plans to spend it; all Church financials will be organized and clear to understand. Having a handle on all donations and budgets is a great way to make sure you are thanking your members for their generosity.

Report on Projects

Worship Planning

While your members always enjoy their Sunday mornings, it may be a stressful time for the Church employees. You can organise all worship planning so that the congregation leaders enjoy the same ease as your congregants. With organized boards, you can create a worship flow, schedule spiritual leaders, write and edit sermons, attach files as needed, detail musical needs, centralize and maintain all communication in one place. With one glance, worship planning is visible, easy and fun for all!

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Youth Group Management

Effectively managing Church youth programs is essential! So, why not include this with the rest of your centralized Church organization and planning. Build boards to keep track of all youth members, the programs they attend, and you can even include all the specific details that the youth leaders may need. Customize a board to fit the exact needs of your Church youth groups—whether that is a single board with all the participant names and details, or include the programs they attend and for what time period. Have a board to map out the events and activities for the year, specifically for youth programs—but most importantly, you can share this across all your Church administration with one click.


Member and Employee Directory

You can also build your member directory in one fun, colourful board view. Include member names, addresses, numbers, program attendance, giving records and more all within one board. There is no longer a need to have your member directory separate from all other church information.