Do ecommerce businesses need a CRM?

Definitely. CRM is an essential part of an overall marketing strategy for your online store. Whether you’re a small business or a large one, a successful commerce CRM system can help you retain customers, drive lifetime value, and allow you to effectively stay in touch with your customer base through the following features:

  • Dashboards to visualize customer behavior and trends allow you to visualize customer behavior and trends
  • Integrations for all of your ecommerce management tools to live in one place
  • Marketing automations to automatically follow-up with customers
  • Providing you with all the right tools you need to scale your business, is the best CRM for ecommerce

    Our fully customizable platform lends to complete personalization, so you can create marketing and sales techniques tailored to your consumers. With you can easily store, access, and use customer data to amplify the value of every consumer interaction.
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    Customize your CRM to work for you. Edit as many columns as you'd like to reflect contact information, purchasing behavior, and more. Whether you need low-stock alerts, customized order updates, or warehouse automated workflows — designing a work process that runs like clockwork has never been easier.
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    Contact management

    Build cohesive pipeline management by keeping track of all your contacts in one place. Store all data about your customers lifecycle with your brand, and easily integrate this information with the rest of your workflow.
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    Carry out swift email campaigns, customer support, and live chat communication while still retaining the necessary level of personalization. With, you can keep track of important customer data such as names and buying history – and use this to ensure personalized communication.
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    Automations are crucial to make sure you aren’t losing track of your customers and reaching out to them at the right times. Receive a notification through our AI powered software so you always know the best time to reach a customer.
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    Connect with the tools you already use so you have everything in one workspace. Set up your integrations in just a few clicks. Choose from your favorite social media or CRM tools like Slack, Zoom, LinkedIn, Gmail, Zendesk and more. Even seamlessly integrate your favorite ecommerce platform like Shopify.
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    Track customer activity, product sales, and overall business performance at a glance with easy-to-understand visual metrics and reports.

    Frequently asked questions

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    What is the best CRM for ecommerce?

  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Zoho crm
  • Lucrativ
  • Ontraport
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    Is ecommerce the same as CRM?
    Is ecommerce a supply chain?

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