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The complete toolkit for every project

Take your projects to the next level with customizable features that help you strategize, plan, and deliver your best work.

hand and cube projects

Take your project management
to the next level with these features

gantt view projects

Gantt chart

Keep track of project scope, schedule, milestones, dependencies, and most important metrics.
dashboard view projects

Project dashboards

Visualize and access real-time, high-level data for budgets, goals, schedules, resources, and more to make informed decisions more quickly and efficiently.
workload view projects

Workload view

Manage team resources, manage burnout, easily assign work, and adapt to changing priorities.
milestone projects


Mark significant checkpoints in your projects to measure and share progress.
Dependencies projects


Keep all stakeholders informed of when they are due to begin their part of the project.
baseline projects


Define your baseline to easily compare your planned and actual project schedules in order to stay on track or make necessary adjustments.
Advanced integrations projects

Advanced integrations

Connect your most important tools: Jira server, Salesforce, and more, to align teams across the organization.
Project templates projects

Project templates

Choose from a variety of pre-built templates customizable to every project.

Run end-to-end projects without ever switching tabs

Connect monday projects to all the tools you already use, through code-free integrations or an open API.
integrations projects

Set up custom automations in just a few clicks

Project management alerts to help you stay ahead of the game.
automations projects

Enterprise-grade security

Protect your data with user and team permissions, granular audit logs, HIPAA and GDPR certification, and an uptime SLA.
security dev

Deliver products you're proud of, ranked #1 for productivity, helps teams manage and execute projects that deliver results on time.