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Organizational Chart Tool

Building your company’s organizational chart is now as simple as drag and drop. Visualize your organization’s structure and easily locate who reports to whom for an easy understanding of your company’s teams.


Structure in your Work OS

With a clearly defined Org chart within your Work OS, cross-team communication is made easy with your project planning, communication, and team structure all centralized in one place. That means you can reach out with confidence to anyone—knowing who they are, what their responsibilities are, and where they stand in their team.

Easily define processes

With a clear and visual team structure, you can build repeatable and scalable processes with ease
Board with elements

Build flexibility into your organization

Build and adjust your org chart to fit your unique needs—it’s as easy as drag and drop
Agile Team2

Define your organizational structure in minutes

Having your org chart within your Work OS means it’s easily accessible to everyone

Fast-growing companies need a platform flexible enough to meet shifting needs

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