Online Pivot Table

Easily slice and dice all your data from any group or board. Make pivot tables in a snap to understand important metrics from your favorite tools.

online pivot table

Insights in your Work OS

With the ability to create any online pivot table within your Work OS, you can see your data in the context of your team’s workflow. That means your daily work, team communication, and critical data are all stored in the same Work OS, ensuring your insights are clear and accessible to everyone.

Make data-driven decisions

View your data your way to make informed decisions. Drag and drop to define your axis and understand your board data at a glance.
online pivot table: use data

See your data, your way

Easily aggregate information, build summary reports, and analyze your data from any angle. Flexibility means you can play with your data and feel confident in your insights.
Gain insights with online pivot table

Analyze your data in a snap

Share your pivot table with anyone in your team

Gain clear insights from your data

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