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Image Annotations

Streamline any review process or cycle by storing all comments and edits within the doc. This image annotation tool will get your team aligned in a snap.

Creativity in your Work OS

Using image annotations within your Work OS means your team will be able to centralize critical communication and cut review processes in half. Teams are always aligned and working towards the same goal with clearly defined next steps and smooth processes built into your workflows.

Turn feedback into action

Add comments directly on any image or document to give clear feedback. Align on an action plan and move forward with confidence.
image annotation tool: give feedback

Accelerate your review cycle

Cut the back and forth between tools and people— cut your whole review cycle in half and consolidate all communication in one place.
image annotation tool: keep the conversation going

Work with your team easily over a shared image
Save time

Cut your review cycle in half by collaborating together over one asset

Keep everyone informed with easily visible edits

Check out a few ways a digital whiteboard
can improve your everyday work

<b>Internal image creation processes </b>
My tasks
<b>Signoff processes </b>
<b>Content proofing </b>

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