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How Software AG increased cross-team collaboration by 71% using

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Meet Software AG

Founded in 1969, Software AG reimagines integration, sparks business transformation, and enables fast innovation on the ‘Internet of Things’ so their customers can pioneer differentiating business models.

Software AG is the second-largest software company in Germany, active in 70 countries with nearly 5,000 employees.
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The challenge

As Germany's second-largest software vendor, Software AG’s matrix organization serves four major business units and four regional divisions. One important role at Software AG’s Growth Marketing unit is bringing the regions and business units together to create fantastic demand generation programs.

There’s a lot of interlocking that needs to happen between the different regions, business units, and all other supporting functions to make demand generation programs successful.
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“We used to have the difficult task of aligning all those different marketing teams to plan, create and flawlessly execute our global campaigns. The biggest challenge was that we had no single source of truth across marketing to manage all global and regional demand generation initiatives. Getting and maintaining an overview was hard, which also made a harmonized campaign execution schedule that delivers maximum impact difficult to achieve,” says Joerg Klueckmann, VP Marketing.
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The solution


Software AG started with free trials offered by various platforms, including Aha! and Work OS. And it didn’t take long before the software company understood they had found the kind of platform they were looking for with

“We started the free trial, and we were immediately engaged because it’s easy to use and has a beautiful interface. And not far into our trial, one of’s customer success managers got in touch with us to learn about the problems we wanted to solve. They listened and helped us to build out exactly what we needed. The customer success team was outstanding in that aspect and still is,” says Joerg.

Quick and easy onboarding process

In January 2020, Software AG launched Work OS as a trial with five marketing team members, who together documented and shared demand generation plans. The team created a series of boards for each business unit and region where they listed out their campaign strategy, build and execution schedule, along with the objectives.

The trial proved successful, and started to expand within the marketing team. To ensure a smooth onboarding process, Software AG created an “Onboarding” board with content on getting started successfully and held short training sessions.

“What’s so great about is the ease of use. I’m responsible for onboarding, and even though I have many other things going on, it only takes me only about 10 minutes per person. The user acceptance is so incredibly high that most of the onboardings are actually self-service. And now, with all of us working from one platform, work is so much more fun,” says Joerg.

Exchanging best practices

With more and more teams onboarding to across the globe, Software AG decided to schedule a monthly sync they call the ’Dojo.’ These syncs bring together Software AG’s dedicated Customer Success Manager and a team of power users (the Ninja Squad) to exchange best practices.

“We have 30 ‘ ninjas’ based in different regions and teams that have the opportunity to connect in the Dojo and share best practices. Team members share how they tackled particular use cases, allowing everyone to learn about the different ways teams can leverage the value of The results of the syncs are truly amazing,” says Joerg.

Creating greater alignment between teams

The Software AG team are heavy Microsoft Teams users, so integrating was essential to the acceptance and rapid adoption, leading to another expansion of Work OS across Software AG.

“The Microsoft Teams integration helped to spread the adoption as we’ve managed to get more people interested because of the ability to embed boards in the context of a Microsoft Teams channel. So it makes it really easy for those who want to manage projects in directly from Microsoft Teams and keep communication structured,” says Joerg.

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of the Work OS

In the beginning, Software AG narrowly focused on solving the main marketing challenge of aligning all functions to enable the most impactful demand generation engine possible. And it didn’t take long before they started to discover what else was possible with Work OS, causing them to think a little bit bigger.

“We started to ask ourselves: what about making our unified workspace for Software AG’s marketing and sales teams to blend all Go-to-market (GTM) functions from awareness creation to subscription renewal,” says Bill Carney, VP Growth Marketing.

The team onboarded both units to to achieve just that. Today, business unit leaders instantly see all global activities that build demand for their products.

"Sales and marketing teams continuously align to ensure that the right demand is generated and properly followed up on and senior management can make strategic decisions with aggregated dashboards.

The GTM workspace is used throughout the year to measure success and continuously fine-tune plans. All boards are public so there is total GTM transparency for every Software AG employee,” says Bill.

What started out as a trial for a small group has grown into an active account of more than 300 hundred Software AG members in different teams and regions on in a single year. Work OS continues to expand throughout the organization with more and more teams asking to be onboarded to the platform.

Moving to the EU data region

As a German public company, there are many privacy compliance-related regulations around storing personal data that Software AG needs to strictly follow when it comes to adopting new software. And there’s a committee dedicated to verifying what new technologies comply with their local security, privacy, and compliance regulations.

“As the second-largest software company in Germany, data security is extremely important to us. Our experts checked to make sure the Enterprise plan met all of the privacy and compliance regulations. And we can certainly say that is enterprise-ready in this context,” says Bill.

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