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Developer spotlight: How Omnitas thrives on monday app marketplace

Kerry Leech 6 min read
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Based in Sweden, Omnitas Consulting helps companies of all sizes, across all markets, to map, digitalise, and optimize their workflow processes. CEO, Thomas Karlsson, set up the business just over two and a half years ago after falling in love with the platform.

Having used himself, Thomas saw the opportunity to develop supporting apps, which made it even easier to use. The result? Over two years of consistent linear business growth and ongoing increase of use.

This is Omnitas Consulting’s success story. We’ll give a quick overview of Thomas’ app development approach, the apps he has developed, and we’ll explore why he chose Plus a bonus top tip to help developers monetize apps.

Building apps for

Omnitas Consulting has grown rapidly in just a few years through the quick and easy development of marketplace apps that enhance the platform and solve known user needs.

In fact, Omnitas now has four key apps that support

  • Time reporting solution: To quickly and easily record and submit timesheets.
  • Conversations: See updates related to a project, all in one place.
  • Funnels: Graphs for sales and marketing to track leads and opportunities.
  • Auto Connect: Automatically link items across multiple boards.

The biggest of these is the Omnitas Time Reporting app. It’s similar to tools like Harvest or Toggl, but it’s specifically designed to work seamlessly within the platform. And without the need for integration.

You can hear Omnitas Consulting’s story directly from CEO, Thomas Karlsson, in the video below, or keep reading for a quick written overview.

Why Omnitas chose app marketplace

So, why did Thomas choose It’s simple, really. Already a user of, Thomas, chose to develop apps around his love of the product. And through developing apps on the marketplace, Thomas and his team enhance the platform and specifically address gaps and known demand.

“When we build apps for, we’re looking for ways to enhance the product. Making it more accessible or filling a gap where we know users have a demand.” 

As a by-product of their success, Omnitas Consulting has grown consistently over the last two and a half years. This has taken them from a small team working out of hotels to a business that hires multiple staff to now having a dedicated office space in Sweden.

“When we started out, we were just a team of two working out of hotel lobbies for the first six months. Now, a few years on, Omnitas Consulting operates out of a dedicated co-working space in Stockholm (Sweden)”.

Actually, Thomas’ success has not only led to rapid and consistent growth but it’s also seen Omnitas winning multiple awards, like Best Professional Service Provider – twice.

Promotion and no-touch marketing from

One of the largest factors contributing to Thomas’ success is leveraging’s marketing opportunities. Through partnering with, Omnitas Consulting has run several webinars in the first year. Plus, they’ve had access to free marketing, including:

  • The ‘featured’ section in the app marketplace
  • Blogs that promote marketplace apps – like this one!
  • Inclusion in the client newsletter which goes out to users

Thomas also created webinars, landing pages, support pages, and FAQs. Plus, around 50 short videos on YouTube – including how-to videos, which reduce the need for users to get in touch for support.

“monday does help with promoting the apps in the app marketplace. They have the ‘featured’ section, and also in the monthly newsletter they have been really good with highlighting a few apps every month. We also get good collateral and we get good templates”. 

On top of this, Thomas and his team have also been provided access to collateral, templates, and tips for effective marketing to help them successfully promote their own business.

So how does this help with monetizing apps on Let’s take a look.

Maximizing monetizing apps

Thomas notes that Omnitas Consulting’s growth is largely due to accessing’s vast and varied existing user base. In fact, his clients sit across every single vertical, in every single use case. And they vary in size. From small startup businesses to large enterprises. Thomas says that this is thanks to their partnership with

“If you take the 500 biggest companies in the Nordics, you have a monday footprint in all of them.”

Thomas’s biggest piece of advice to developers aiming to generate revenue from their apps? Use’s native monetization option for apps. This makes the payment processing for your apps much easier and increases conversions too.

“One of our biggest tips for developers would be to use monday monetization option for your app, making it easier to increase conversions.”

In fact, Thomas can literally see in the analytics dashboards that the growth of Omnitas’ apps is on an upwards trajectory since it launched over two years ago – with ongoing increase in use.

Omnitas Consulting's marketplace dashboard

Thomas’ final takeaway: “Working with the app marketplace is a blast”.

Monetize app development with 

With rapid growth like Omnitas has seen, it’s easy to see why the app marketplace is so attractive for developers. Our versatile customer base gives you the freedom to tackle solutions across almost every industry and use case. Plus, because’s app marketplace is relatively young, it’s not saturated with competition.

That’s why if you’re thinking about how you can monetize apps, it’s worth exploring the monday app marketplace. monday supports you every step of the way – from discovering ideas for your app through to marketing the end product.

To find out more you can check out our developer hub, which is packed with tools to make it as easy as possible to develop apps that solve customer needs – making work management even smoother, easier, and more effective.


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