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New release: build apps for workdocs 3 min read
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We are happy to announce that developers on the monday apps framework can now create apps for the workdocs product! This new feature expands the workdocs capabilities by opening up an entirely new segment of endless solutions you can build on top of the product.

What are workdocs?

workdocs is’s solution for creating, brainstorming and collaborating on documents. Team members can edit the same document simultaneously without interrupting each other. And there’s more, as they can also give more context to their work by adding dynamic content and embedding boards, dashboards, tasks, and widgets directly into their documents and enjoy a seamless editing experience part of Work OS, without having to jump between tools or switch contexts.

What features can you build on workdocs?

Now developers can enhance the monday workdocs experience by building custom Doc Actions, which you can trigger using the following methods:

Add Block Menu (Slash command )

Users can trigger the feature with a slash command (“/”) that will perform an action according to their input. Some use cases you can consider building:

  • /brainstorm – generate a list of ideas based on a topic provided by the user
  • /gpt – generate content based on the user’s prompt
  • /import – retrieve content or data from another source

The feature can also be triggered by clicking the blue Add Content (+) button that appears when users navigate to an empty line in the doc. This button will open a list of formatting options, and your app at the bottom of the list under Apps.

Contextual button

When a user highlights text in their document, a floating toolbar opens with options for styling or performing other actions. Now, you can enrich this toolbar and add a button to launch almost any type of action you can think of on the selected text – manipulation, export, and much more, for example:

  • Generate a summary of the selected text
  • Add a reminder to review the content
  • Translate to another language
  • Rewrite in a specific style or tone of voice
  • Analyze or calculate the data on the selected content

As part of the Doc Action feature release, we’re also presenting new APIs and SDK methods to enable easier interactions with workdocs.

Start building

We are excited to see what you’ll build next. You can find more details in the documentation or share your questions and discuss the latest capabilities on our community forum.

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