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Celebrating the winners of the AI app hackathon

Alex Polonsky 3 min read
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This summer, we ignited a spark of creativity with the AI app hackathon, and the energy it generated continues to inspire us. For this event, we invited developers to create apps for our newly launched monday AI Assistant, offering them the unique opportunity to influence the future of AI solutions in the monday app marketplace.

The hackathon hosted both online and at our offices in Tel Aviv and London, drew an impressive crowd of over 1,600 participants. These talented individuals formed 225 teams, all competing for a share of the substantial prize pool worth over $63,000. But the AI hackathon was about more than just competition—it was a platform for creativity, collaboration, and the development of unique solutions. We were deeply impressed by the ideas that emerged, their execution and the thoughtful approach to addressing challenges for customers.

Now, let’s turn the spotlight on the standout teams and their outstanding apps that truly embodied the spirit of the AI hackathon.

Meet the winners:

Grand Prize: AI Smart Form by Adaptavist (Online)

Revolutionizing form functionality, AI Smart Form auto-generates tailored messages based on feedback, fostering a personalized and interactive experience. Also. it categorizes and tags replies based on answers, allowing for easy organization, filtering, and providing users with smart insights out of the forms.
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2nd Place: Board Assistant by Israel-CA (Tel Aviv)

Board Assistant enhances the experience by analyzing boards, identifying bottlenecks, providing insights, managing large data volumes, and tracking activity logs, all through an intuitive chat interface.
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Best in Tel Aviv: DocBuilder AI by Alayof Digital

Meet the chatbot that builds Docs for you. Based on its interaction with you, DocBuilder AI organizes your ideas into a Doc according to the information you provide.
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Best in London: SentimentSense by Appfire

SentimentSense uses AI to gauge your customers’ happiness levels. It provides deep insights into sentiments within items, groups, boards, and projects, and generates user assessment reports, enabling data-driven decisions and performance enhancement.
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Best Online: AI Actions by Actions

With AI Actions, users can enhance their productivity by updating multiple board items simultaneously and utilizing, and triggering the app capabilities as part of automations.
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Bonus Prize: ChatDoc by Tuesday (Tel Aviv)

ChatDoc is a clever chatbot that interacts with the documentation and support articles, delivering tailored information quickly and intelligently.
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We want to extend our appreciation to all the participants of the AI hackathon. Whether your team was among the winners or not, your efforts have made a significant contribution to the event. We encourage all of you to take the next step and submit your app for review. By publishing your app in the monday app marketplace, you can make it available to customers and monetize it. Your creativity and hard work could have a far-reaching impact, enhancing the experience for users worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned software vendor or a newbie exploring SaaS marketplaces, building apps and releasing your app on the monday app marketplace is much more than expanding the platform’s capabilities, showcasing your skills, or gaining exposure. With over 180,000 customers, it’s a huge opportunity to monetize the solutions you’ll create and generate revenue. So, why wait? Start building your app today, tap into a new revenue stream, and become a part of our vibrant developer community.

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