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7 exciting new apps for WFH – built using the monday Apps Framework

Eliana Atia 6 min read
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This update is a bit different than most.

We’re super excited to launch seven new apps made for WFH, built entirely using monday Apps!

Earlier in February, we announced monday 2.0, a strategic update to our platform. monday 2.0 transformed our platform into a Work OS and included the preview of monday Apps—the ability for any team to use custom functional building blocks to build apps on top of our platform.

We created the monday Apps framework as a way to open our platform and allow our customers to create features, integrations and custom apps—built by them, for them.

Last week, we explained how our mighty team of 80 developers, product managers, and designers came together – albeit remotely – to test out the monday Apps framework before launching it to the public.

Well, this week we’re here to show you the *amazing* (and we don’t say that lightly) apps that are now live and ready for your use.

These apps have a special place in our hearts for three reasons:

1.The new apps bring real value, now

The new apps are made to ease your WFH experience, while increasing your productivity, and making you smile along the way.

We know that achieving genuine collaboration across remote teams is a struggle.

The new WFH apps enable your team to ideate and execute at their best, around the same (virtual) table.

2. The value of the monday Apps framework is clear

The new apps prove the infinite flexibility and power of the monday Apps framework. It feels like anything is possible!

In the coming weeks we will totally open the ability for our customers to start building their own apps.

And now that we’ve seen what our developers were able to come up with in just two days (!), we know that our users will build incredible apps that we didn’t even dream of with the monday Apps framework.

3. There is much more to come!

As a reminder, 20 monday apps were created during our 2-day remote hackathon.

Even without being a math wizz that means we’ve got another 13 WFH apps coming your way over the next few weeks 🙂

Ok, now that we’ve established a proper amount of suspense—the seven apps you’ve all been waiting for:

  1. Whiteboard: A shared collaboration space where you can brainstorm, and create together. The same creative juices, leave the dry erase markers at the office.
  2. Image Annotations: Add comments directly on any image or document and turn feedback into action. That means you can perform your entire review cycles, right inside
  3. Online Docs: View your shared docs, from your favorite platform, within! Collaborate, comment, and view docs easily.
  4. Board Pivot: Aggregate all the data in any group or board to create summary reports in a snap—and you thought pivot tables couldn’t be exciting.
  5. Working Status: Easily visualize your team’s availability so you can see who’s WFH, OOO, or anything in between, and adjust work plans accordingly.
  6. Word Cloud: Create visual word clouds out of any data to get a sense of trends at a glance.
  7. Team Updates: Never miss a birthday, work anniversary, or team lunch again. Team updates keep you in the loop on all team-related news. 


This shared collaborative space will bring your team’s old-fashion brainstorming to the modern age. No matter where you are, you and your team can write, draw, and work together in real-time. Export what you come up with, add it to the board, and keep track of your process from brainstorm to execution! Read more about the Whiteboard app here!

Image Annotations

This is about to cut the time you spend ping ponging versions back-and-forth in half. Say goodbye to uploading files, downloading, commenting, saving, and re-uploading. Now, you can comment and edit directly on the monday platform! So skip v1-v14 and get it right, right away. Learn everything you need to know about image annotations here!

Online Docs

It takes a lot of platforms to keep your workflows running smoothly. You can now integrate them all more easily by viewing documents from Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft and more within the monday platform. That means fewer tabs and downloaded docs, and a more streamlined workflow. Get all the info you need to get started with Online Docs here!

Board Pivot 

board pivot illustrtion

Centralizing all of your data has never been easier. You can now create pivot tables in a snap to understand important metrics from your favorite tools like Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft Office, and more. Learn how to set up your pivot tables now!

Working Status

green background with colorful pie chart

Easily define your “Working Status” to let your team members know if you can easily be reached, if you’re WFH, or on holiday. Use dashboards view to quickly see the status of your team over time. Check out the View and Widget!

Word Cloud

blue background reading "word cloud'|

Easily create word clouds out of any data to understand trends at a glance. Just hosted a successful webinar? Upload the chat and turn all of your customers’ responses into a word cloud to share with the company so they can get a sense of the feedback in a matter of seconds.


Team Updates

2 illustrated people high fiving

Stay up to date with birthdays, team events, new joiners and more with your Team Updates View. Embed the Team Updates wherever your team can see it so you will always be synced and never miss a newsworthy event.

These apps were designed with our customers in mind. We know that WFH presents countless challenges that teams around the world are learning how to manage. But with tools that enable open communication, clear collaboration processes, transparency, and ownership teams can continue to succeed no matter where they are.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue sharing the Apps created using monday Apps, and explain how, and when, you and your team and start building monday Apps of your own.

For now, we’ve kept you long enough. Go explore all these new features for yourself!

Eliana is a marketer and storyteller who uses her diverse industry experience to create compelling content. A Texas native and current Telavivian, she’s finding her place somewhere between BBQ tacos and falafel pitas.
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