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5 monday apps to keep your team in the know, all the time

Eliana Atia 4 min read
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In case you haven’t heard… we’ve been hard at work over here launching more monday apps than you guys will know what to do with!

So far, we’ve brought you pivot tables that will make analyzing data your new favorite activity, a Whiteboard to make online collaboration so simple you may never want to go back to the office, Working Statuses so you always know how and when to reach your team, and many many more.

The countdown continues as we inch closer to releasing the monday Apps framework to all of our customers, allowing you guys to build no-code, low-code apps of your own. The monday Apps framework means your apps will be built by you to enhance your Work OS to perfectly fit your needs.

Until then, we’ve got five more monday Apps that our team created to keep your team in-the-know on everything from social media to productivity.

Check it out:

Easily visualize your board’s data by placing it on an interactive globe. Zoom out to get a big picture view, see status updates easily, and understand your data visually.

Embedded Facebook
No more flipping between tabs, easily post and stay up-to-date with your feed right from your monday account.

Embedded Twitter
Save those precious seconds spent moving from platform to platform and centralize everything within your monday account. Embed any Twitter feed easily into your monday platform.

Performance Tracking
Understand at a glance the duration some tasks were “Stuck” and how quickly projects were “Done” after being worked on so you know what’s working and what’s not.

News Updates
A dashboard widget to keep you updated straight from your most trusted news sources, starting with The New York Times.


Managing an international office, employees, or any distributed data has never been easier! With the Board to globe app, any information kept within a board can be viewed on a globe, allowing you to visualize the status and information within its geographic context.

Managing a national chain with some operational and some non-operational locations? Understand at a glance which locations are opened, how they are performing, and the next steps for each.

Embedded Facebook and Twitter feeds

Say goodbye to those lost hours spent in the land of a million tabs. You can now embed any Facebook or Twitter feed directly into your monday account. Managing your company’s social media? Keep all of your work in context and save you time by managing everything, A to Z, straight from your board.

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Performance tracking 

Gain invaluable insights into your team’s performance and workflow with the Performance tracking app. See at a glance where projects get stuck, identify bottlenecks, and manage your team based on clear actionable data. Improve what’s working and change what’s not so your team is always motivated and performing at their full potential.

News Updates

If receiving updates from your team wasn’t enough, this dashboard widget will keep your team updated with the latest stories streamed from your favorite news sources, starting with The New York Times. Covering all areas of the news, your News Updates can be added to any dashboard as a stand-alone widget and refreshes automatically. To read the full article, all you have to do is click on the item and get directed automatically to the source on the NYT. Stay tuned – more news sources will be added soon! Learn everything you need to know about News Updates here!

For every productivity-amplifying, work-life-altering, collaboration-enabling app we are releasing to you, we expect hundreds of amazing ideas we never could have imagined coming from your team of developers once we release the monday Apps framework. If you’re up for the challenge, sign up for beta here!


Update: In the time since we first published this post, our monday apps framework is live! Check it out here to see how your team and create your own monday apps.

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