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Make your team more agile and work better together using the Scrum model.

Scrum Boards

Track time with the #1 productivity software

Scrum Boards

Track time

Track time spent on each task for better future planning


Set smart notifications

Receive notifications and reminders for the stuff that matter you the most - and always deliver on time


Integrate in no time

Integrate with your favorite tools and centralize your work in one place


Build a roadmap

Create, visualize, and share your roadmap to keep everyone aligned. Easily access your roadmap from anywhere and make adjustments when things change so everyone on your team remains in the loop.

Custom notifications & reminders

Create a backlog

List all your upcoming projects and tasks in your backlog so you always know what's next. Easily prioritize each task with color-coded labels so you're always focused on what's most important.

Easily track times and tasks

Plan your work in sprints

Plan your upcoming sprints with top priority tasks from your backlog. Add story points and assign owners to each task. Add subtasks, checklists, documents, design requirements, and anything else that's important.

Issue time sheets and reports

Monitor your team's progress helps teams easily analyze performance and productivity. Understand at a glance how many tasks were completed and what, if any, bottlenecks prevented certain processes from moving forward.


Keep your team agile

Scrum is all about reflecting on past performance and making adjustments to improve. It's important that the team remains agile since few things are more empowering than when everyone is engaged in creating a more efficient process to push things forward.

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"If we talk about the agile project management tools of this software we have to mention that it supports the scrum method. It gives us the functions to manage very good comments. Likewise, excellent management of workflows and pending work management can be done."
Angel W.
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"Checking numerous tools for project mgmt, stands out in simplicity of use, getting started right away and easy to share. gives me a full overview on running projects, as well as helping me keep track of the steps along the way. 5 stars of 5!"
Lars D.
Reviewed on Capterra