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Change Requests Management Template

Keep track of your change requests and make sure they are successfully managed.

Change request form template

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Change Requests Template

As a project manager, you know that the larger or more complex a project is, the less likely you are to get to the end without any changes. A change, in and of itself, is not necessarily a problem. The issues typically arise when sometime later someone comes along wanting to know all of the details of that change; Whose idea was it? Who gave their approval for the change? How much extra did it cost the project?

It’s your job to have all of this information to hand and provide answers to these questions, no matter how many projects you are juggling or how long it has been since the change was made. That’s where the change request form template comes in. A simple way to log all change requests, never again, do you have to say, “Um, let me get back to you on that.”

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Scalable:
    The change request form template is suitable for monitoring the changes to any number of projects. The inclusion of a project name column allows you to record a change request as soon as it comes in, at the bottom of the template. You can then order your data at any time to group together and view the changes to one project at a time.
  • More than yes or no:
    WIth this template, you have so much more than just the ability to record the change request and your response. You can also; attach any documentation associated with the change request and your response to it, register the risks, projected costs, and the person who made the request and include the next actions to be taken.