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How do I make a quarterly plan?

While many teams like finance or HR tend to think only in terms of annual goals or the most high level objectives, organizations should take a page from sales teams’ book, who tend to set quarterly goals. Setting quarterly goals can actually position teams to more efficiently drive company goals.

Here are 6 things you should include in your quarterly plans — and Work OS can help.

  • A review the previous quarter’s work, including objectives and key results
  • Areas of focus for the next quarter
  • Risks and opportunities for these goals and OKRs
  • An action plan for teams and how they relate to the bigger picture
  • Stretch goals that push your team to perform creatively
  • provides the full package to set up quarterly objectives that make an impact

    The advanced capabilities of our Work OS make it easy to plan for any period of time and for any initiative. Check out just a few of the ways you can customize your experience.
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    Templates Center

    Our platform includes 200+ templates for any type of goal or industry. Tap into pre-made templates like team calendars or performance reviews or build upon existing templates to design customized templates for SMART goals or quarterly team check-ins.
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    Widgets are useful tools you can add to your board to see your data and keep you motivated. The Goal Widget can be added to your dashboard to keep an eye on your quarterly goals and objectives throughout the course of your project.
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    Keep track of task and project owners with the ability to assign one person, multiple team members, or entire teams to items. The People Column can be renamed and incorporated in automations that notify owners when they’re needed.
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    Gantt View

    Get visual with our Gantt View and see key milestones and tasks spread over the quarter and year. Enjoy the ability to add owners and dependencies in real-time unlike a traditional Gantt chart.
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    Most quarterly objectives planning starts with a kickoff meeting to go over big ticket ideas and to start fleshing them out. monday workdocs is a great place to create interactive meeting agendas and minutes.
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    If your workflows incorporate your most-loved tools, so should your quarterly objectives planning. Enjoy 37+ integrations like Quickbooks and Todoist to help you execute and track your progress how you see fit.

    Frequently asked questions

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    What is an example of an objective goal?
    The main difference between an objective and a goal is that goals are meant to be achieved over a long period, and objectives are what help you get there in a shorter time frame. It’s important to make these tangible and specific.
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    Is quarterly planning Agile?
    What do you talk about in a quarterly meeting?