How do I manage a podcast?

There are plenty of elements that go into the most popular podcasts, like the ones you’ll find on Apple podcasts or other platforms. While you and your team work to find the perfect recipe for things like episode length, ideal listeners to target, and topics — you’ll need a great tool to organize it all.

  • Organize your workflow by creating a podcast planning template to see where you have bottlenecks.
  • Delegate tasks when possible, like recording, editing, and creating cover art.
  • Network with other podcast hosts for ideas and collaboration.
  • Set up an RSS feed so listeners can access information about your show and episodes.
  • Invest in audio editing software for quality podcasts.
  • Map, manage and master your podcast planning goals with

    Our Work OS allows you to customize your workspaces and boards the way you see fit to create a product process that is smooth and delightful from brainstorming, recording a podcast, and beyond.
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    Collaborate on outlines, podcast descriptions, and scripts in real-time with shareable monday workdocs. Easily embed media like images, videos, and even boards. Stay organized by creating a library of workdocs all in one workspace to easily review them later.
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    Stay on top of many moving pieces with automated reminders and more. Need to stay on track of payments for tools you subscribe to, like royalty free music providers or sponsored ad scheduling? Our custom automation builder is here for you.
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    Multiple views

    No two workflows look alike — get visual with views like Kanban and Gantt chart to quickly understand upcoming events or task status. Create views for all important touch points of podcast planning, from budget to topic variety.
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    File storage

    Keep all of your digital assets in one place to create your own library of recordings, promotional materials, and feedback. Create a space where you and your teammates can provide feedback and editing notes directly on an item’s update.
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    Powerful reports

    Make data-driven decisions based off of custom reports you can create on Easily import your most important data related to listeners, monetization, and more. Use the insights to continuously improve your content.
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    Time tracking has a Time Tracking column that can do double-duty as a way to track time spent on tasks as well as be manually updated to indicate the length of recordings and files, or make it easier to calculate episode or ad duration.

    Frequently asked questions

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    What are 5 elements of a podcast?
    While it could vary based on the subject matter, 5 typical elements of a great podcast are focus on a central topic, catering to an audience, routine schedules, solid show structure, and authenticity.
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    How do you plan a podcast script?
    How do I start a podcast checklist?

    Build a custom podcast planning tool

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