Intuitive Project Management Tool for Consultants

Stay on top of your customers' business progress with our solution that can be easily used by the team.

Project Management

Manage all of your projects in a single glance

Get a high level overview to see your projects in a glance. Update your progress with just one click!

With you can create boards to represent projects at a high or low level as well as create weekly tasks to get things done faster!

Project Timeline

Customize your customers' projects to their needs

Create and customize boards to show clear and concise information and make your customers realize their full potential.

When consultant management projects are visual and clear, it’s easier for your customers to see the big picture and the potential for their success.

Project Tracker

" is an organization tool with applications as broad as your imagination."

Ken Taylor, Operations manager
Baicorp Financial Inc

Report on Projects

Pull up reports quickly with our search everything feature

Collaborate, reflect, and brainstorm with your team while pulling your reports to later discuss using our search everything bar.

Look at all projects still in progress, or reflect on projects that you have finished!

Plan out expectations and what needs to get done for future projects.


Share projects with your customers and colleagues

Plan out goals with your customers and provide resources for them to succeed.

Collaborate with your team to help facilitate and enhance business growth.

Use shareable boards to tailor what your clients see and make them feel like they are the most important.


Integrate seamlessly with other platforms

Integrate with other platforms effortlessly and seamlessly. Sync your communication methods to our platform as well as import or extract data from other platforms in just a few simple steps.