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Academic partnerships program

Become a
Academic Partner

Share knowledge, experiences, and
insights about tech and academia

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Explore our Academic Partnership opportunities

Add valuable experiences to your academic journey by partnering with one of the
fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world
Student Organizations

Partner with to bring new content and added value to your students

Enjoy free advanced features, event speakers, workshops, and more.
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Academic Centers

Develop experiential learning processes and innovative research workflows

Gain full visibility of your research projects and manage your collaborations, TAs, RAs, grants, resources, and yearly plan, all in one space.
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University Departments

Educate students
and staff on new operating models
and technologies

Introduce a new paradigm of project-based research through cutting edge content, workshops, and webinars provided by industry leaders.
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Faculty Members

Venture into project-based learning and make experiential learning a reality

Join our trainer program to learn new ways to engage your students with your materials, and introduce them to the professional tech scene.
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Enhance professional skills

Become a expert

Enhance your skills with's certification program and
introduce new internship opportunities as a professional trainer.
Project-based learning

Develop project-based learning processes and activities

In addition to a free student account, student organizations can now apply
to use Pro features, including automations and integrations with other tools.
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Pedagogical digital tranformation

Accelerate digital transformation on your campus

Create a transformative solution for project-based learning, educate students and staff on
new operating models and technologies, and introduce a centralized platform for research at scale.
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“I’ve spent a decade searching for ways to scale the positive impact that student teams have on real-world problems. Four months working with provided the answers.”
Lee G. Cooper | Faculty Director, Epicenter for Action Research at the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA
Join our academic partnership program and empower students and teams to do more.