WFH tracking app

Easily visualize your team’s availability so you can see who’s WFH, OOO, or anything in between, and adjust work plans accordingly.

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Team alignment in your Work OS

By checking your team’s working status within your monday Work OS, teams of any size will be able to set their availability and define their work time. This WFH tracking app eliminates daily syncs on work status.

Engage team members

Set teams up for success by creating a sense of accountability for each member and allow teammates to prioritize and plan their work accordingly.
WFH tracking app: Team Status

Stay up-to-date in seconds

You and your team will be able to check one another’s status in a single glance to adjust, and allocate resources efficiently, while avoiding burnout by clearly letting your team know your availability.
wfh tracking app: support your team

Fits any size team in any location

Update your status easily and quickly, from anywhere

Update your status easily and quickly, from anywhereView your team’s working status in seconds, with no explanations or syncs needed

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